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Think Big, Think Differently, Become More

Matthew Toone |

Success is a state of mind. Our tangible achievements, goals reached, certificates earned, or talents developed are the result of our thoughts. And if thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits, and our habits are what determine our eventual character and destiny – would this logic not suggest that in order to accomplish big things, we must first develop the ability to think big?

Thinking big is not enough. We also need to think differently, talk big, believe more, act big, act now, and act consistently in order to become great and accomplish our goals and dreams in life.

It is important to remember though that thinking big is not the same as dreaming big; in fact, I would argue that they are quite different. Everyone has big dreams – and these dreams are no more than merely hopes and wishes. The ability to think big, however, requires a different state of mind, mental discipline and re-programming, and actually thinking differently than the majority of the mediocre individuals we are constantly surrounded by.

Thinking big entails action, changing our perspective, overcoming the voices of fear and doubt, believing in ourselves and our dreams, developing the ability to not worry what others say or think, and establishing goals and a plan that will result in big actions that reflect our big thinking.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of changing our perspective, re-programming our minds, and thinking big and differently is demonstrated in one’s ability to get out of the typical employee mindset. This unfortunate mindset is not only detrimental to one’s potential, but it is so commonly accepted that it has become cultural.

It is made evident in actions and mentalities such as: doing just enough work to keep your job, only doing work that falls under your responsibilities, thinking of your own schedule and needs rather than the company’s or customers, getting excited about pay-raises and promotions, thinking that working for 40+ years for a meagre retirement is somehow desirable, and believing that resumes and GPA’s and job titles are what determine your abilities and potential.

Thinking big and thinking differently, in regards to getting out of the typical employee mindset, would entail doing more than asked or required, setting lofty goals and working hard to achieve them, becoming a producer and never trading time for money, not believing that grades or standardized test scores or institutions attended dictate your career potential, and realizing that this employee mindset carries over into every aspect of life and is thus the leading reason as to why people so often fail to accomplish their goals, dreams, and become successful in life.

Those individuals who continue in this unfortunate mentality develop a dependency upon a boss or company for their career advancement, daily survival, and personal and social approval; and because of this, they fail to develop the necessary attributes for success in anything – which are: thinking big, developing self-confidence, desiring success, believing in themselves and in their dreams, taking risks and overcoming fears, learning from failures, and being willing to be different and do whatever is required to obtain success.

Employee mentality is one example and situation as to how we can think differently and think big; the reality is that the same principles apply to any circumstance, situation, challenge, goal or dream. Never forget, however, that just because these principles are applicable to any setting or goal we have – we still need to apply the principles! Thinking big is a futile endeavor unless followed by action. To become and accomplish more entails not only a change in mentality but also a change in habits.

Decide now to always think big. Establish lofty goals and specific plans to achieve and realize your dreams. Develop the ability to think differently. Never fall victim to the dominant culture of contentedness and the ease of mediocrity.

Train your mind to never worry what others think or say, and learn how to eliminate the voices of fear and doubt. Commit now to doing whatever necessary – as hard and long as it may be, and despite the failures that inevitably result – in order to accomplish your goals and dreams. And always remember that in order to accomplish big things, you must always think big, talk big, and act big!

By Matthew Toone

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An Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, & Dad. Some of Matt’s latest projects include: www.GreatGamesBook.com – Matt recently published a book entitled: “Great Games! 175 Games & Activities for Families, Groups, & Children!” This book is filled with fun games for people of all ages, groups of all sizes, and includes games for any setting. More than games however, Matt’s purpose in writing this book was to bring families together and provide fun and wholesome entertainment for everyone! www.AwakeYourPotential.com

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