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Water Fasting: Everything You Need to Know | Loren Lockman

Filmed by jungavideoproductions.com | GOM 2nd April 2017

Loren will be exploring the critical impact of hydration and dehydration on health and overall functioning.

This will include why nearly everyone is significantly dehydrated — even when they think they’re not, the impact of dehydration on the body and mind, why drinking more water alone will not get you hydrated…and how we can.

The importance of hydration and how to achieve it
Why the colour of your urine may not tell if you’re hydrated
Why an optimal diet alone will not hydrate you
How to maximize your hydration and health

Loren also discusses what kind of water to — and not to — drink, foods to focus on and those to avoid, and other things we need to be aware of to maximize our hydration and health.

This talk is guaranteed to be the some of the most important and impactful health information you’ll ever hear.

About Loren
The founder and director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica, Loren began studying the relationship between nutrition & health in 1977.

In 1984, Loren contracted chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, candidiasis, sinusitis, & 57 allergies. After a 3 year struggle with medicine he took responsibility for his health, healed himself, and now at 55, hasn’t been sick a day in roughly 29 yrs.

Loren’s personally helped more than 5000 clients from more than 70 countries take their health and vitality to much higher levels and is thrilled to be able to share whatever he can with anyone interested.





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