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Tips for Healthy Lungs – The Gateway to a Life of Vigor

A strong pair of Lungs is your ticket to a healthy body. It has been often maintained that in most cases, outside agents are the only way to decrease the performance of the Lungs. This article looks at the various steps which can be taken to preserve and increase the power of the Lungs.

Quit Smoking Today

There are hardly any other agents which are as harmful to the Lungs as cigarette smoke. The worst part about the entire case of Lung damage from cigarette smoke is that smokers themselves inject their Lungs with this poison.

Apart from paralyzing the cilia, which cleans out dirt and dust, cigarette smoke also causes irritation in the Lungs leading to the production of more mucus than required. The dirt and dust accumulate to congest the Lungs and interfere with their performance. Cigarette smoke has also been known to be the foremost trigger of Asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Long term exposure to cigarette smoke is even more dangerous and leads to permanent damage of Lung tissues. This leads to problems like unavailability of enough tissues to support the required oxygen transfer. There is also the risk of Lung Cancer with cigarette smoking being the reason for more than 80% of such cases.

The picture turns further sad as even second hand smoke is enough to cause Lung Cancer. For all Lung Cancer Treatment facilities, an effective “quit smoking” program often proves to be a vital factor which helps reduce the number of relapse Lung Cancer patients.

Keep the Air Clean

Air pollution is another important reason for worsening of symptoms of COPD and other Lung Diseases. It is necessary to strictly follow all the recommended practices to keep the air clean. Refrain from burning wood or trash, switch off the lights while leaving the room and use your vehicles only when absolutely required.

Clean air is so crucial in the war against lung ailments that severe patients of Lung Diseases are strictly advised to stay away from heavy industrial areas.

Run Yourself to Fitness

The Lungs work in coordination with the rest of the body to complete respiration, one of the most important functions for the process of life. A pair of Lungs functioning in a healthy body will always function with more efficiency than a pair with similar Lung capacity inside an unhealthy one.

A session of jogging and adherence to regular exercises will keep the body fit and ensure smooth coordination between the Lungs and the rest of the respiration system.

Keep Your Indoors Well-Ventilated

We stay indoors for a prominent part of the day. A well ventilated room will have enough scope for fresh air refilling it continuously. If air conditioners and coolers are being used, regular cleaning should be scheduled, for the air to remain clean.

Say Yes to Antioxidant Rich Foods

Lung Specialists maintain that foods which have high amounts of antioxidants are helpful in keeping the Lungs healthy. Some of these foods are cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc. Inclusion of these foods has proven to lower the risk of Lung Ailments.

Use Protective Gear during High Risk Jobs

Occupational Lung Diseases are the greatest side effects of industrialization. It is very important to wear the proper safety gear in the recommended manner while dealing with harmful chemicals, etc. Some of such occupations which cause Occupational Lung Diseases include construction, manufacturing, health care etc.

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