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Breathing was always an issue for me from day one. Asthma, a collapsed lung, allergies, sickness and continuously being told I couldn’t breathe properly by doctors didn’t help my cause. Daily use of inhalers plus a low immune system caused by overuse of antibiotics, steroids, bad skin due to being overloaded with toxins and on top of it all a tense body that hurt every day and with every breath.

Emotions and strong words from others would cut my already hurting body deep like a stab wound and I would react and defend and trust none as a result of this inner pain. Ironically heavy use of marijuana and cigarettes ensued to calm me and ease this pain and truly I didn’t know a life any different. So when I finally found my way to Breathwork one day upon my healing path during a Radiantly Alive yoga course in Bali, I instantly knew it was going to change my life in a big way. Breathing through and releasing trauma and pain held so deep it had walked beside me since my first breath. Perhaps from a traumatic forceps delivered birth or something more ancestral? From traumatised war torn polish refugee ancestors on one side, or a starch collared strict english upbringing, ruled with an iron fist on the other. Or a combination of it all!

What I know for sure is that through breath work I breathed life back into this painful body and began to truly heal. A Breathwork facilitator holds space and guides the breather into a trance like state using a circular connected breath. This charges the body full of oxygen and allows great healing to take place through movement and sound release. An experience that really needs to be experienced to be fully understood.From my experience the flow of Qi moves any stuck energies and emotions from the system to be cleared out to give more freedom and space within the being.

Breathwork gives you the space to breathe deeply into your own body, your own stories, your own past and to heal yourself. Feeling through and releasing your own pain at the pace you wish, and finding your own strength reconnecting to your body! This is why I love it because we truly are all healers and no one knows what we need to heal more than ourselves. Breath work gives us strength to walk our own path and gives us back our power! I discovered many different modalities from Transformational Breath to Vivation also studying my own body during my own practise, through a mixture of breath, yoga and dance.

Finally I came across Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release created by Giten Tolkov, who had researched in depth traumas affects on the body and guided by Mother Ayahuasca created this work. This reminded me of my own home practises yet with the science to back it all up. Through Breathwork I breathed back the love in my heart for my family and friends I forever felt so disconnected from, I breathed back peace into my mind, and I breathed thru fear and took back the love for the world around me I was made to be so scared of for fear of strange people wanting to rob or hurt me or so the media told us. And still I breathe thru more each time I lay down for a session.

As I explored deeper I found more and more pain, emotional pain and perhaps physical that I couldn’t handle when I was younger and stuffed somewhere deep inside me to deal with at a later date. All buried in the depths and crevices of my body. With each breath session I come out feeling more whole and life becomes more sweet. I finally feel love in my heart more and more fully and stone cold sober, a high I so fruitlessly chased all them years intoxicating myself to reach again and again.

For this is how I believe we should all be living naturally! Hearts open feeling good in our bodies and free! And I believe its our duty to heal ourselves and not to pass traumas on to future generations, as trauma cells have been found to carry through 7 generations! And with war still raging on in our world its even been spoken of as an invisible epidemic! So for the most of you reading this I hope you truly are living life happy and fully in this way, but if not or you are feeling intrigued, come and lie down for breathing session with us. For your life is truly worth it!

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Lisa Li is a Breathwork facilitator also trained in the Usui Reiki system, Qi flow massage, yoga teacher, spiritual explorer and believer in freedom and true health. After realising early on how she was not compatible to the current system, Lisa embarked on nearly a 10 year journey around the world studying different healing methods, ancient yogic practises and her own inner world. She is now bringing with her the exciting practise of Biodynamic Breath and wishes to share it with those who need it and suffer unnecessarily in an attempt to help people get closer to their wholeness and happiness.







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