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6 Tips to Keep Your Liver Stronger

Every part of the body requires the different nutrients to stay healthier and perform its functions perfectly. Same is the case with the liver. For your liver to perform well, you need to include certain food items in your diet regularly.

Also you need to pay attention towards what you must not eat in order to keep your liver functioning well. The health of the liver is very important for good functioning of the overall body processes.

If you liver is not well then you may suffer with the jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis, haemochromatosis, Wilson’s disease, etc. Your overall health status is being degraded due to liver disease. So, here are tips that will help to make your liver stronger and protect it from the harmful liver diseases.

Here are 6 Tips to Keep Your Liver Stronger

1. Eating the foods rich in the Vitamins is very helpful in making the liver stronger. Liver performs it functions smoothly in the presence of the Vitamins.

If your body contains adequate amount of the vitamins in the body then you will never face any of the liver problems. The Vitamins are required in very small amounts by the body but performs the important functions.

2. For the preparation of the foods use the oil that contains less amount of the fats and carbohydrates. This help in proper digestion of the oil. If you eat the oil that is heavy to digest then the extra pressure is put on the liver as a result it starts malfunctioning.

It is better if you use olive oil for the food preparation because it contains very less amount of fats and carbohydrates and thus is easily digested. The use of Sunflower, safflower, flax seed, and fish oil is recommended as it doesn’t cause any harm to liver.

3. Use of the butter must be limited if you want to keep your liver stronger. Butter is one of the heaviest items to digest. So, while the body digests it the pressure is extreme on the liver that disturbs the normal functioning of the liver.

It may even result in the liver diseases. So, it would be better if you limit the intake of the butter to keep the health of your liver at the optimum level.

4. Increase the intake of the foods that are rich in the sulfur. As per the scientific studies it is known that liver produces the enzymes that are required by the body for various chemical reactions.

So, the intake of the sulfur rich foods like Brussels sprouts, broccoli cabbage, seeds and nuts must be increased as it helps the liver in the production of these enzymes.

5. Increase the intake of the fruits that are rich in the Vitamin C. The help the liver to perform all its functions pretty easily and helps in removing any of the impurities that are deposited in the liver. It washes out all the unnecessary things and helps n the proper functioning of the liver.

Even the intake of other fruits is also recommended as they help in keeping your overall health of the body at the best, which ultimately helps in maintaining liver at optimum health.

6. The intake of the sugar must be controlled. This must be done strictly because it disturbs the functioning of the liver adversely. I know that sugar are necessary energy resource for the body, but for this you need the sugar, but in a limited amount.

The use of honey instead of direct sugar is recommended as it doesn’t harm the functioning of the liver.

These are the simple tips that will help you to keep the liver stronger and avoid the occurrence of the liver disorders. You can come and learn more about the Liver, Liver Congestion.

Talk on Iridology and Liver Congestion with Susan Laing

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Importance of the Liver in health

Why we need to look after the Genie in a bottle, our liver

Simple steps on starting to look after your liver

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