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To Kill the Ego or Not Kill the Ego, That is the Question.

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I looked into the mirror.  What reflected back to me was my ego. I burst out into laughter at all its funny expressions, the times the ego expressed itself through anger, pride and judgement. Then, I decided to take an even closer look into the mirror to see what else might reveal itself. What I now saw looking back at me was my true authentic, unified self with both the ego and higher self, living as one.

By truly seeing the ego as one with you, it removes the need to “blame” the actions of the ego, for it is you, you are it, you are one. Together you are one unified, perfect you. Hence, it is not death of the ego that is the goal here, for to be human is to have an ego.

The ego’s main goal is survival. Without the ego, there would be no self preservation.

Learn to thank your ego, for all the times it provided you with protection, helped you survive. However, life is more than mere survival especially if survival means you are living in a state of fear, instead of unconditional love.

How do we bridge that gap? If it is not death of an ego that helps us cross that bridge, what does?  It is primarily through learning to live with the ego’s guidance, for the true authentic reason it is even there is to protect you.

The ego may be that irritating part that resides in you, however, it is still part of you, you learn to coexist. But does that mean that gives ego the forefront in your life?  How do we cope with it when it surpasses survival? When it becomes the nagging voice in your head, that makes you react in fear to others and with yourself? You begin by learning to become observant of yourself.

Observant in all your interactions with others, your surroundings and with yourself. How do you behave outwardly? What is really going on internally when the world doesn’t see into the deep, sometimes dark chambers of your mind? How does the ego influence you to act? It is in those times where self observation is crucial.

“Know thyself”, is the sole commandment, the universal law that we all, in our true state abide. For in knowing thyself, one knows the all for we are the all. So to truly “know thyself”, one knows all aspects of itself, the ego and the higher self. Know every angle, every emotion, every fragmented part of yourself, know every connected part of yourself. Feel with all your senses, examine all your raw emotions. Look at all your details; in all your bright composition, and in all your dark structure. Touch all of your lightness and all of your heaviness. Hear all your gentle words of peace, hear all your angry cries of fear.  Taste all your savoured flavours of authentic love, taste all you sour gagged  flavours of attachment. Smell all your alluring fragrances of oneness, and all your rancid scents of separation. FEEL< EXPERIENCE<BE IT ALL!

For in this moment of truth, one sees the true authentic self. With its ego, and its higher self, in a unified whole, no longer separate. When one acknowledges to have ego is to be human, then and only then, can one chose to live from a higher place of existence, from the higher self perspective. That does not mean, death to the ego, for there is nothing to kill. It means not allowing the ego to be in command any longer, to no longer allow it to run a muck in your life and hence affecting the lives of others.

Do acknowledge the times the ego did take control. Forgive the ego for those times. Non forgiveness in the sense that there is something wrong with what it did, or a judgement that there is something “wrong” one can do it the first place, but forgiveness in the sense of “For Giving” yourself the peace that comes with viewing that it is all an experience. And “For Giving” you the space to understand that the ego will take the driver’s seat again. For life is a ride, with different roads.

At times our higher self is in the driver’s seat, and other times our ego takes the wheel. The key is to be at peace with whomever is driving on the ride of life. Be thankful to both drivers, for they both get you to your destination. However, life is more of a journey, then a destination. Sure, sometimes the ego decides to take the longer more jagged routes, but stop to think of all the intense colourful things you might not have experienced along the way.

It truly is all beautiful, in all its simple serene peaceful paths that the higher self takes, and all the dark back alleys the ego takes, it is all perfect. For they both are along on this adventure called life. Let’s learn to thank both drivers for their job ’til now. For those of us that decide to take the more peaceful route, the higher self again takes the wheel, until at times, life causes it to break and the ego can momentarily take the wheel while the higher self realigns its energies.

Therefore, it is not to be free of the ego. It is to be free, to just be. Be with the oneness of it all, with the oneness and integration of both you ego and your higher self. The key is to acknowledge both drivers are on board.

I decided to look at myself again in that mirror. I laughed once more, however this time laughing for what I now saw was my true authentic self reflecting back at me. I saw me, I saw you, I saw us all, I saw us as One.

With all the love of my soul to touch yours in our true unified brilliance.

Much love,



by Angie

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