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Top 7 Reasons Why Morning Exercises Are Crucially Important For Your Health

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If you yearn for better performance and stout, strong and fit body, obviously exercise is the only natural way to achieve that. Moreover, exercising early in the morning is way more effective and beneficial than in any other time of the day. Be it running in treadmills/open tracks or riding exercise bikes, sweating out in the morning when your body is stress-free and fresh, works wonder in getting fit physically as well as mentally. You get the zeal and energy to be active and efficient all day. If you are yet not convinced, go through the benefits of morning exercises jotted down below:

It Increases Metabolism

Our body decomposes the food into energy that we require by a chemical process named metabolism. Work-outs in the morning pump up the energy requirement of the body, and hence metabolism becomes faster. On the contrary, if the body is not in need of energy, the foods get stored in the body as fats, which of course, you don’t want. Make a habit of morning exercise, let your body burn up a good amount of calories early at the start of the day, and enjoy a faster metabolism for the rest of the day.

Burns More Fat

It has been found out, in the 2013 issue of ‘British Journal of Nutrition’, that more fats (approx 20% more) get burned if exercise is done in the morning than in the evening, though conflicting results are being shown in other studies. The point is, if you are empty stomach, your body burns out the fat stored in your body for sustaining the energy required during work-out. And the most favourable time to be in fasted state is early morning before breakfast. Regular morning exercise burns up your fats effectively, and you can achieve a good shape faster.

Energy Is At Peak

One more reason for the preference of morning exercise is the abundance of energy available in the morning just after waking up. Sleep provides natural replenishment for the exhausted body. Your energy level is at its peak just after you wake up in the morning. You can easily exercise more than your average at that time. It is indeed beneficial to increase your workout intensity if your daily routine has ‘work-out’ numbered at the top.

Early Exercise Increases Concentration

There is a protein named BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which gets produced in the blood streams of the brain through regular exercise. This BDNF is associated with improved concentration and memory. Furthermore, regular morning exercises slow down the decay of brain tissues. Early exercise boosts your metabolism and blood flow, as discussed, paving the way for better synthesis and nutrients essential for your brain. This increases concentration and other cognitive abilities throughout the day.

Develops Strong Self-Discipline

You are hitting the gym early in the morning, taking a shower after that and then a healthy meal to support the work-out. Obviously, you are a cut higher in physical and mental energy for the rest of the day. This induces a sense of time and personal discipline within you if followed regularly. And a healthy lifestyle and consistent self-discipline will, of course, be beneficial in other spheres of your work-life as well.

It Attracts Other Healthy Habits

Well, though it takes almost a month to make a habit of something, but once you make it, it is forever to stay. Wake up early, hit the gym or work-out on your own on a daily basis. Make this a habit and see how your life style changes. One good practice attracts another handful of other good habits. Your body needs more nutrients as your food-habits get better. You sleep early and have a deep, sound sleep and wake up refreshed and energetic the next day.

Keeps Depression And Stress At Bay

Exercising early in the morning and inhaling pollution-free, fresh air stimulates the production of endorphins, an analgesic neurochemical, in our brain. It is due to endorphins that we feel happy or a positive emotion. Early exercise is advised to people who are suffering from depression or stress on a regular basis. Make it a routine to sweat out early in the morning and you would feel motivated and positive throughout the day.

There are lots of other health benefits that you can reap from morning exercises such as strong immunity, youthful skin and better functioning of the heart, etc. So, put your alarm early and start living a healthy, cheerful and long life.



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