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Trapped in the four walls – Technology Vs Space

Kaysen Asante |

The four walls

Our evolution in housing and industrialisation is mainly designed as a four wall concept. Imagine sitting in your house. Your house is four walls, the living room has four walls, the toilet has four walls, the bathroom has four walls, even the garden has four walls. Then most of us travel to work in a vehicle and go to work in a building which all have four walls. We are constantly surrounded by four walls.

Our evolution in technology is also designed in a four wall concept, the television, mobile phones, I pads, laptops and computers. We have created such small devices now of the four wall concept that we are so so so so so so trapped into this narrow and box mindset. Despite technology has given us access to a vast amount of information, not everyone uses technology to advance themselves rather as a play and/or social platform. Children and young people no longer play outside or socialise with friends in their houses. The routine is home from school and turn on the computer. Home from work and turn on the television.

Ask yourself these questions for reflection;

  1. How often do I spend in four walls?
  2. What are my daily four walls?

My Four Wall Journey

My four wall, box mindset journey started when setting up Pura Aura, my Community Interest Company. All of a sudden I found myself on the computer non-stop, on my phone and simply locked up in my office space. My whole world became my desk, my diary, my to do list, social networks, applications, emails, telephone calls and endless tasks on the laptop. Even though I was working from home committing to normal working hours and sometimes more, I was stuck on my bottom in the four walls.

I found myself, writing about my experiences, researching about everything you could imagine, reading my own stuff, other peoples blogs, articles, information on all sorts, watching endless videos and YouTube clips. Simply, I found myself lost in four walls, lost in the technology world and disconnected from the people.

My house mate would leave from work and return from work seeing me still sat in the same place, locked into the four walls.

In one light it is said, ”to make ones dreams come true you must work hard and sacrifice time, put time and energy into what matters most.” so that is what I did! I sacrificed real life to form and build a business in the World Wide Web (WWW)! I was advised that I needed a website, needed social networks platforms and email communications because that is how the world communicates and feeds one another with information and support.

Throughout building my business I would always question, ”okay…. I am forming a business to do what I love, which is working with people and I am not working with anyone! Hmmm!! Is building a platform in the WWW really going to help my business flourish? I am not here to make money, just to do what I love? I started to question, how many people would look at my website and use it?” All these questions came, but I continued to have faith in the new way of working with technology to make it work for me.

Once the WWW platforms were all set up I had to break free from the technology world, it was hard as I had become so attached to this New Age of using technology. However, in one aspect it was easy as I felt my freedom come back, I felt so free and began taking ACTION. ACTION became my new technology. I stopped blog writing, personal Facebook and simply stopped using all technological devices as often. I have even not had the motivation to update the website, why? Because all of my work is face-to-face, human to human, recommendation through recommendation and community engagement.

I began taking action in what I was writing about, researching about, reading about and watching. For example, instead of spending endless hours listening to inspirational and motivational people, I became a motivational speaker who inspires people daily.

Researching on the WWW how to be a successful entrepreneur was what I put into action and learning from other successful people was the greatest assets to making me who I am today, a successful entrepreneur in my own right. People my look at my website, social network platforms and question, ”How is the women successful?” My success cannot be validated by the WWW only by human to human contact and the work I do face-to-face daily.

I now only use my laptop for what is needed, I update twitter everyday in order to share positive messages, I use the telephone everyday to uplift spirits, stay connected to those I love and to connect with the wider world in which I support. I accept that the world has advanced and there is a lot of communication via technology – but I have gained balance.

I now use my time to enjoy real people, in real moments, I use my time to be in the present moment with people, I use my time to enjoy space and nature. I forget that time even exists and live in the now. I break free from time unless society commands and demands me to be time conscious, for example, a scheduled meeting or appointment. Outside of what society dictates to me. In my life, there is no time, I have created space so I can feel free, I can just be. I still achieve so much in the day and even more than before.

Ask yourself these questions for reflection; Is space and freedom something I want?

  1. How much time do I spend on technology?
  2. How much time do I spend watching the clock?
  3. How much of my day to day routine is dictated by time?
  4. How much of time do I spend inside four walls? Home, work, travel, technology?
  5. How much time do I spend in space? Outside, spaces not bounded by four walls?
  6. Do I want to spend more time in space?

Reality Check – The Real Problem

In one of my year 10 classes I asked the students,

”How much time do you spend a day locked into the technology world?”

Most said 8-10 hours but that was just television and computer time. Students forgot about all the time they spend on their phones, on facebook, message, twitter, Instagram, snap chat and any other social network platforms. Students, people, we don’t even realise how much of the technology four walls has taken over our lives every single day.

The technology world and WWW has its positives and negatives. It is now time to gain balance, spend more time out of the four wall mentality and be more in space with people.

The Real Solution

  1. We have to know when we have received enough information to give us the spring board to bounce off and take a leap of faith to live in the real world with human to human contact
  2. Learn as much as you can and put all into action
  3. Play in the WWW and technology world for a limited amount a time a week – have technology free days and switch off!
  4. Make time for real life play, making up games with family, friends, neighbours, strangers, being silly, laughing and having fun with real people – gain a balance
  5. Be comfortable with being in nature, enjoy walking and playing outside
  6. Have time free days where you do not focus on time but you live in the flow of life. Eat when you are hungry not because it is 12.30pm. Be and enjoy being
  7. Remember how to play, remember how to use your creative mind and imagination to create fun, laughter and joy

People love to share moments over social networks but the real moments are those shared in the moment. When we take our attention away from the present moment and tune into technology, it changes the game. The present moment is lost, it is gone, the value of that moment shared is lost. People stop laughing or the high energy expressed becomes low.

Remember you do not have to Snap Chat or capture everything and share with everyone.

You do not have to prove your life to anyone.

Prove or showcase nothing to no one – society wants you to, but do you honestly want to spend endless time showing the world the life you live or do you want to start living the life that you want?!

Switch Off Technology and Switch In to Real Life. Feel Space. Be Free. Be You!

Sending you all love, confidence, belief and strength to follow your happiness!

Kaysen Asante

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