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Turn Problems Into Opportunities – Reduce Fear by Conscious Awareness

Roger Kenneth Marsh |

How much does fear enter into your business decisions and into your personal life?

Fear is a major indicator of separation from Source and Universal Intelligence. When you are experiencing fear, and even worries and concerns, you are not experiencing trust, love, and certainly not joy…you are not connected to Spiritual Source, to the Universal Love and Intelligence that is always flowing and always available.

The key is to be conscious and aware of the “automatic” thoughts popping up in our heads in reaction to our experiences in the world.

Here’s a very simple example from my life just this week! When I got to Chicago’s O’Hare airport for a connecting flight to New York, I arrived to find the flight was delayed 2 hours! My initial reaction was not a positive one – I was meeting people in New York, had a car scheduled, and really wanted to get to my hotel in Connecticut 2 hours earlier – so initially, I wasn’t very happy. However (after much practice in my life) I know that everything happens for a reason and is there to serve me.

I shifted my perspective and began looking for solutions and for how this event was serving me: I found out the reason for the delay (inclement weather in New York), I realized that everyone else I’ll be meeting in New York would also be delayed, that my car could be easily scheduled 2 hours later, AND that I could actually enjoy my time at the airport (I called a few friends, worked on this newsletter, and had a nice leisurely lunch) – well, the delay was practically a gift and I got to New York relaxed, safe and sound.

Have you ever noticed the mind automatically focuses on what is bad, wrong, or a threat in your life? It does this because its job is survival, to keep you alive. The default of the mind is to chaos, is to the negative, is to what’s wrong, scary, and worrisome – because these are the things it interprets as a threat to your survival, and therefore what it must focus on. Running unchecked, this automatic way of seeing the world completely colors your experience in life putting fear at the core with suffering as a result.

The solution to this automatic focus on fear is cultivating consciousness. Conscious awareness. Awareness of the thoughts in your head – as THOUGHTS…and not necessarily as the reality or “truth” of the world you’re in. The key is to notice your thoughts as they arise in each moment – especially when it comes to problems and fear-based thoughts. As you notice them, as you observe them, you have them rather than them having you.

Now you’re in a better position to CHOOSE them – and to choose thoughts that create more joy, love, and fulfillment in your life. More mojo! Remember, the job of the mind is NOT happiness and fulfillment, its job is survival.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a part of ourselves focused on survival. Thank God for that. However, the truth is, we have already survived. And, in modern life and times, the need for this survival based mechanism is hugely reduced. This mechanism has us focused on the problems in our life as if they are ALL life threatening and must be solved before peace, relaxation, and happiness (never mind joy) can be experienced. Well, news flash, there will always be “problems” in your life, and to the extent you allow this mechanism to run unchecked, you will rarely, if ever, experience deep peace, relaxation, and happiness.

So, back to our initial question: How much do fear, worry, and concern run your life?

Try this: Over the next two weeks watch to see how often these type of thoughts come into your awareness. Pay attention to what triggers these thoughts and see if you can allow them to pass before coming to any conclusions or taking any action. Ask yourself “Am I coming from fear or love?” And work to move toward coming from love. Let the fears, worries and concerns melt away and practice consciously choosing your thoughts, staying connected to Source, and keeping your mojo flowing!

Roger Kenneth Marsh

Roger Kenneth Marsh is a Spiritual Life Coach and creator of MajorGoodMojo.com. Major Good Mojo is the magical feeling in life when things are working out and easily going your way.  Roger brings Major Good Mojo into the lives of people he works with through his proprietary Major Good Mojo System™.  He has a degree in engineering, an MBA, is a Certified Life Coach, a Licensed HeartMath® Provider, a Certified Passion Test® Facilitator, and is a Senior Teacher of Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) emanating from the Esalen Institute.

Roger is the author of the book NexGen Human – A Modern Age Path to Fulfillmentavailable on Amazon.com. Through his work with Major Good Mojoand The Major Good Mojo System™ he is providing a pathway to more power, more freedom, and more fun for people all over the world.

To receive his regular articles for living a charmed and magical life, visit http://www.MajorGoodMojo.com




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