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The Ugly Truth about Skincare

The Ugly Truth about Skincare 

By Gurdeep Hundal

Does your mirror show a true reflection of your skincare? Well, apparently not – according to Biosen, a UK company the average woman applies 515 chemicals to her face a day – through makeup, lotions, mascara, and perfumes and other beauty products. Yuck!

Did you know that the average woman uses 13 different beauty products a day? Probably not – many of these products contain at least 20 different ingredients and additives. Perfumes alone were found to contain up to 400 different chemicals!

Here are 8 toxic chemicals lurking in your skin care Products:

1.Parabens in your products Feeling itchy today? Well, you might want to check your product label first. Chances are you might be using a hormone disruptor. Whew!

Parabens are preservatives found in many skin and body care products. Most skin care companies use this to prevent fungus and bacteria – and it’s found in your shampoos and conditions, hair care products, body gels and make up!

Ick factor: The Environmental Working Group says parabens are linked to reproductive disorders, tissue irradiation, organ problems, and cancer!

2.Phthalates in your fragrance Lovers of fragrances, beware. Nearly every droplet of scent you spray on – may be covered in plastic. Yes, that’s right.

Plastic also know as phthalates are used in most fragrances and colognes. It’s used to soften plastic in adhesives, building materials, films and pesticides to make fragrances last longer!

Ick Factor: It’s disguised as ‘fragrance’ on the label. Yet, it has been linked to fertility issues and neurological disorders – despite the FDA deeming it as safe!

3.Sulfates in your bubbles Love your bubbles? Me too. Did you know that your favourite body wash is made up off cheap chemicals – which can lead to potential eye damage? Ouch, my eye!

Sulfates also known as Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are found in many personal care products. It breaks down your skin’s moisture barrier and potentially leads to dry skin with premature aging.

4.Formaldehyde in your shower gel? Before you hit the shower, you might want to learn what’s in your products. Chances are you might be pouring a substance used to temporarily preserve dead bodies!

According to the Food and Drug administration, nearly 1 in 5 cosmetic products, contains formaldehyde – a well-known carcinogen that may cause cancer.

Ick Factor: It’s found in shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and bubble baths. Other side effects include watery eyes, nausea, difficulty in breathing and burning sensations in the eyes and throat!

5.Propylene Glycol in your bottle If you’re reading labels (and I hope you are), you’ve probably seen this on your skin care and hair care products – hopefully you’re not using it anymore!

All you beauty lovers out there – you might want to avoid this ingredient. The FDA has classified propylene glycol as harmless to humans, despite causes dermatitis and skin irritations for the young and elderly.

Ick Factor: It’s found in your antifreeze, brake, and hydraulic fluid and in your liquid foundations, deodorants, moisturizers, and many more products. Ekk!

6.Toluene in your nail varnish Nail varnish addicts. You might want to ignore this one. For every coat of varnish you apply, you’re damaging your health! Lovely!

Toluene is a flammable liquid that’s obtained from coal tar or petroleum. It’s used in nail treatments and hair colouring products.

Ick Factor: It can cause severe irritation to the eyes, lungs and damage to the central nervous system. Yet, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) has regarded this as a safe ingredient. Hmmm!

7.Talc in baby powder Hate to powder your thoughts, but you’re probably applying small particles of asbestos on to your skin! Ekk!

Talc is seen as harmless – however, it’s often contaminated with asbestos, a well-known carcinogen that causes tumors in the ovaries and lung cancer!

Ick Factor: It’s also found in deodorants, cosmetics and sunscreens say the EWG.

8.Octinoxate in your sunscreen Bad news for sunshine lovers: your soltan lotion may not be protecting you from UV-A rays and skin cancer. Ouch! Can you feel the burn?

Ick Factor: It has been detected in your urine, blood and breast milk. It can be found in shampoos and skin creams!

Octinoxate is an UVB-blocking agent used in the skincare industry. However, it does not protect you against UV-A rays, even though the FDA has approved it!

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Gurdeep is a health journalist, life coach and motivational speaker. She co-hosts ‘The UK Natural Health’ on UK Health radio and discusses complementary and healing therapies from around the world. Having been on a journey of self discovery for the past seven years, she has healed her inner critic and now coaches others to recognise their life’s true purpose.

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