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UK Health Radio – Listen live on this site!

Great news! You can now listen to UK Health Radio all of the other shows including the UK Natural Health Show with Jess and Gurds live on the Gathering of Minds website! You can hear all of our interviews with the amazing guests we have on right here! Just hover your mouse over the GOM TV tab and then click UK Health Radio.

About the UK Natural Health Show with Jess and Gurds..

The show is dedicated to exploring all areas of natural health for the Mind, Body and Soul.
Our guests are experts in their chosen field, such as doctors and professors, or maybe everyday people that have healed themselves naturally of a dis-ease. Our show provides the knowledge and understanding of many topics across a wide variety of subjects but in a easy to follow way.
Our aim is to deliver information on topics in a way that everyone can understand, even if its a new topic that might not of been explored by someone before.

Some of our past topics have included:

Natural Healing stories (including cancers, depression, Endometriosis and more) Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection, Aspartame, NLP and Positive Psychology, Meditation, Plant Medicines and so much more.
Our Ethos..
We want our listeners to be inspired. That’s why we will continue to bring top quality guests on the show, to share interesting information. We want to show that anyone can make a change, most our guests have gone through challenges and come out the other side. We feel sharing these stories will inspire others to do the same.
If you want some motivation or inspiration, or even great tips to begin leading a healthier, longer life with more vitality, then tune into the UK Natural Health Show

The UK Natural Health Show times with Jess & Gurds are:

Wednesday 4am & 4pm (New show)

Sunday 4am, 9am, 4pm & 9pm

Monday 9am & 9pm

Tuesday 6am & 6pm

See full listing of who’s coming up on the show here

Check out some of our past interviews below..




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