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Knowledge Nation with Jess Lewis

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Why I chose to remove my child from school and homeschool instead  –  Louisa Andrea


 Louisa Andrea is on the show to talk about why she chose to withdraw her child from school to homeschool him instead.

Louisa now has two children that she homeschool’s and she will be talking to me about why she made that decision, how she makes this work with two kids of different ages and also what a typical homeschooling day is like for them.

This is great for anyone considering homeschooling as an option but doesn’t know where to start. Louisa give great resource links and advice..

Tues 1am | Wed – 5am | Thurs – 9am | Friday – 1pm | Saturday – 5pm | Sunday – 10pm GMT

About Knowledge Nation

The show is dedicated to exploring all areas of natural health, consciousness, plant medicines and many other topics for the Mind, Body and Soul.

Each week we will have a main guest who will be an expert in their chosen field, such as doctors and professors, or maybe everyday people that have healed themselves naturally of a dis-ease.

The show will be action packed only with the best guests.

My aim is to deliver information on a wide range of topics in such a way that everyone can understand, even if its a new topic that might not of been explored before. I want the listeners to be inspired and to learn the latest information on as many topics as possible, so we’ll bring top quality guests on the show to share their knowledge every week.



I want to show that anyone can make a change, most my guests have gone through intense challenges in life, but come out the other side.

If you want some motivation or inspiration, the latest in alternative health or even great tips to begin leading a healthier, longer life with more vitality or to expand your consciousness then tune into Knowledge Nation..




Episode 1 NEW


Lulu spent a large chunk of her life battling with depression, self harming, a suicide attempt and drug addiction.

Lulu managed to face all of her demons during an intensive few days of Ayahuasca ceremonies and is now sharing her journey and information about how Ayahuasca has helped her.

I will be talking to Lulu about her journey with depression and suicidal thoughts, how her life had completely spiralled out of control with no hope of a future and then eventually drinking the sacred Amazonian brew which helped her to let go of everything holding her back and totally resetting her.


Episode 2 NEW

Sarah Godfrey

Sarah Godfrey is the only terminal Crohn’s patient known to have survived without having any part of her digestive system removed.

Sarah used cannabis, herbal medicine and diet to save her life and also to end a 20-year dependency on Codeine, and 14 years on Valium and Morphine. She is currently healing her Crohn’s and CPTSD with cannabis oil and is a trustee of Hemp Works Charity UK.

Sarah at one point was given just 6 months to live..


Episode 3

How you can completely reverse Arthritis – Dr John Bergman

bergmanDr Bergman is on the show to talk about how you can easily reverse your arthritis – no matter what your age.

We’ll be taking a look at why people get arthritis in the first place, the medication for arthritic people and why it doesn’t get anyone better.

We also discuss all of the types of arthritis, joint disorders, carpel tunnel syndrome and more..

Dr Bergman has over 500 YouTube educational videos with over 65,000 subscribers and over 7,000,000 views.





Episode 4

I quit my 17 year oncology nurse job after I realised cancer can be treated naturally – Valerie Warwick

valerie Warwick

Valerie Warwick a former cancer nurse that quit when she realized cancer can be cured naturally. She is now on the other side of the fence working with alternative therapies to help people with cancer.

Valerie will be talking about the in’s and out’s of chemo, Why chemo doesn’t work on everyone and things that they don’t tell you about chemo.

Valerie will also talk about what you can do if you have just been told you have cancer, the link between cancer and sugar plus some of her favourite treatments.



Episode 5

How we can heal ourselves with sound frequency – Stellar Fairbairn

stellar fairbairn

Stellar Fairburn, from Saint of Sin is on the show to talk in depth on the subject of sound and healing.

Stellar will be talking about how we can release trapped energies in the body with sound and frequency 432.

We will also be playing a track from the Saint of Sin album

Also on the show we have Lyrical Nomads talking about their journey so far..



Episode 6

Ayahuasca and its role of raising consciousness on the planet – Musician & Sharman Darpan on the show


Darpan has 30 years of experience in music, healing, and the shamanic arts. His home is in Australia where he is renowned as a teacher, musician and healer.

I’ll be speaking to Darpan about his music career but also his journey as a Shamanic healer working with Plant medicine Ayahuasca and how it all came to be..

Also Catherine Rannas – Therapeutic music for Chakras.




Episode 7 

‘I removed four breast tumours with Black Salve’ Ann Devlin

Ann Devlin

Ann removed four breast tumours using Black Salve. Join Ann as she speak about her journey and protocol.

We find out why she went the alternative route, the challenges she faced, the reaction from the hospital when she turned up with one of her breast tumours in a jar.

Also on the show special guest Tim Wheater on the power of sound and his career so far.




Episode 8

‘ I got my thyroid cancer under control with a diet containing pineapples ‘ Candice Marie Fox


Candice talks about her journey, why she turned her back on conventional treatments in favour of natural remedies.

Candice talks openly about her experience and the protocol she used and how cancer has been the best thing to happen to her.

Danni Nicholls joins us as our up and coming artist.






Episode 9

‘I cured myself from MS naturally and now I am helping other do the same’ Dr Terry Whals


Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A, where she teaches internal medicine residents in their primary care clinics.

Terry does clinical research and have published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific abstracts, posters, and papers.

She was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in 2000, around the time she began working at the university.  By 2003 she had transitioned to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. She underwent chemotherapy in an attempt to slow the disease and began using a tilt-recline wheelchair because of weakness in my back muscles…

Plus Victoria Jane Leith on making delicious Raw Cakes!




Episode 10

‘Almost every disease shows up in the Iris of the eye’ Susan Laing on Iridology


Iridology is the study of patterns in the iris that flag issues and inflammation within the body.

When Susan looks at the Iris, she is able to get down to the root cause of your imbalances.

The irides may reveal things like basic food intolerances, deficiencies in basic minerals; vitamins; specific digestive,enzymes, secretions, neurotransmitters and hormones also emotional and spiritual blockages and organ imbalance tendencies.

PLUS Arvind Suth Suntaramoorthy ‘Raw Food lifestyle saved my Mothers life’ Music from Antarma and the Family Tree.




Episode 11

‘No Matter who you are or what the colour of your skin, we all carry and ancestry inside of us all’ Peruqouis 


Peruquois has been touring the Globe since 1997 has had 9 albums out to date, is often referred to as the voice of Mother Earth.

She joins us on the show to talk about her spiritual journey and awakening, vocal yoga, vocal tantra, emotional cleansing and how we need to be rooted from our body to the Earth and what happens as a women if you are not.

Jai Karter is our up and coming artist of the week.