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Venus Retrograde In Leo & Virgo: Reassessing Our Values & Our Love Life


Venus is retrograde from July 25th until September 5th. It has been building up since June 21st when Venus entered what is called the “pre-shadow” period. When a planet goes Retrograde it appears to be going backwards in the sky due to our perspective here on Earth. Unlike Mercury Retrograde, this one is less common and only happens once every 1.5 years roughly, though it lasts about twice as long.

Venus: Love, Money, Beauty, and Pleasure

Venus is classified as a female planet and is accordingly associated with the feminine. It rules love, romance, beauty, appearance, values, self-worth, pleasure, and creativity. Whenever Venus goes retrograde, these themes come up very strongly, but in a way where they are being reassessed and/or revisited.

It is typical for love relationship issues to arise during Venus retrograde, or even in the month leading up to it during the “shadow phase.” Many couples experience a period of re-evaluation and/or begin to look at things in a new light. There could be new realizations that either end or strengthen a relationship. In some cases, couples may break up and then get back together in what will become a stronger union. For others, they may reconnect with a lover or a friend from the past where they may explore their relationship in a new way.

venus-glyphVenus is also associated with having fun, especially when it is in the sign of Leo. However, a retrograde and the period leading up to it can be a bit of a game changer. I’ve noticed that between June 21st – July 25th (the shadow period), many parties and other fun social events were cancelled or postponed (or experienced other letdowns), as Venus had been slowing down in preparation for its backward motion.

However, during the actual retrograde period we can expect to see these types of events pick up again, but within them it will help us to look at things in a different way which could lead to some type of re-evaluation. It might not be apparent right away, but in mid-September and October when we look back at this period, it will make more sense to us.

Retrograde in Virgo and Leo

Although the majority of this Venus retrograde will occur in Leo, it actually starts retrograding in Virgo right on the cusp, before returning to Leo. Virgo is a sign of work, details, service, and health. It can be nitpicky, analytical, and very grounded. Virgo energy isn’t as fun as Leo, as it is more concerned about doing things right and getting work done, even if it’s not fun.

Venus loves fun and pleasure, so therefore Virgo is not the greatest sign for Venus to express itself fully. However, when in Virgo it can represent “quality” in all things ruled by Venus,  as well as devotion in our relationships. As Venus begins its retrograde in this sign, some of these themes will be brought up in connection to some of the other themes mentioned throughout this article.

Venus in Leo is fun, passionate, and loves to be loved. Drama and egocentrism can also be expressed and instigated during this Retrograde. With Venus returning here, we may revisit some of these things in our lives or re-assess the current circumstances around how we express ourselves in this way.

Venus and Jupiter square Saturn

You may have heard some of the hype in late June and early July about the Jupiter/Venus conjunction, which many articles on the internet were comparing to the Star of Bethlehem. This will be happening again during the retrograde in the first week of August, and then again after the retrograde in the last week of October.

The period from August 3rd-5th will be the most eventful time regarding this planetary configuration, although this energy will be somewhat present throughout the whole period. Expect to experience a hybrid combination of the Venus and Leo themes mentioned above, combined with the Jupiter and Saturn themes mentioned below.

Jupiter is associated with expansion, spiritual beliefs, luck, and travel. However, Jupiter can also represent overdoing anything, and could overdo any of the Venus and Leo themes mentioned in some of the above paragraphs.

However, Saturn in Scorpio is also at play here, which has the opposite effects of Jupiter. Saturn is associated with responsibility, work, discipline, restriction, and in some cases could represent karma. In Scorpio, Saturn addresses issues over money, sexuality, jealousy, and fears around rejection. These themes are in conflict with Jupiter and Venus.

Mars square Uranus while in a Grand Trine 

On the exact day that Venus begins moving backwards, Mars will be making a square aspect to Uranus which will be influencing that entire retrograde period. This could represent rebellion and sudden fighting.

Mars in Cancer in a tough aspect can be demanding and emotionally manipulative. Uranus in Aries fights back with the need for independence, and breaking free from restrictive situations. For some people, this energy could also manifest within the home and/or family.

Mars will also be in a grand trine with the Moon in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. This represents a backdrop of emotional healing as we undergo this 1.5 month process in our evolution.

This Venus Retrograde and The Collective

On the day that Venus went retrograde it was right at the beginning of Virgo, on the cusp. This is a very symbolic spot on the zodiac as this is where the star Regulus currently sits, which is known as the Royal star of the Leo constellation (constellations and signs are different in astrology). For over 2000 years, Regulus was in the sign of Leo and in November 2011 it went into Virgo.

This recent transition of Regulus moving from Leo to Virgo symbolizes that we are in the beginning of a process where we are moving away from a world controlled by a ruling elite and patriarchal structures. We are moving towards a time where service and fairness is king and those who operate this way will be seen as the new leaders of a fast changing world. This is reflective of an emerging new balance between the masculine and feminine, and this Venus retrograde period can help to activate it in new ways.

Source: Collective Evolution



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