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Vibrational Alignment With What You Eat

Jessica Reid |

When desiring health and bodily conditions / weight in relevence to what you eat … to find vibrational alignment, you are looking to FEEL GOOD about what you are putting into your body, to make peace with the food you are eating, to release any feelings of guilt, to have the intention of loving and nourishing your body, to ENJOY the foods you consume, to go with the flow downstream towards your desires as opposed to paddling up against the current and struggling.

When you’re in alignment and happy with what you’re eating, your vibration is in alignment, it’s intellegent and your body knows how to function easily, imagine your body being in this good vibration – it takes in the food, allows itself what it needs nutritionally, the metabolism is flowing, everthing is being digested beautifully, any toxins are being filtered out and what is not needed becomes waste and is let go of. It’s like a happy, well-oiled, intellegent machine.

When you feel guilt or resistance to what you are eating, your vibration looses that intelligence, it ‘clogs up’, becomes sluggish and disconnected. Imagine your body in this vibration, all closed up to allowing itself any nourishment, metabolism slows, digestion is sluggish and cortisol levels rise which is the hormone that holds onto excess weight. It’s like a faulty clogged up machine.

Along with eating what already feels good to you, it’s also about shifting your perceptions to feel better about what you eat – for example, I enjoy fresh foods that are natural and tasty and I also love NZ FIsh’n’Chips – however previously I could tell I was feeling guilty/resistant towards eating Fish’n’Chips…

So now rather than perceiving it as a ‘deep fried meal’ I focus on how good fish is for my body and that I will be receiving omega 3, that the chips are potato from the earth and that my body needs oils and salts to avoid cramping etc. and I REALLY ENJOY my yummy meal.

You can shift any perception to gain alignment, thoughts such as ‘It’s healthier and more nourishing to feed my body than to starve or deny it of food’ or ‘I could feel guilty about eating this OR I could just enjoy it because it tastes good and trust that (if I am feeling good) my body will know what it needs for nourishment and will detox and digest out what is waste’ and so on… It is up to you how you percieve, there is always two ends of the scale that you can reach for – ease and enjoyment or guilt and resistance.

So it’s up to you to choose foods that FEEL GOOD to you, that you feel happy to eat, where there is least resistance, The more you choose foods that feel good to you and the more you choose to perceive food in a positive way, the more you will shift in the direction of your desires. It’s not about the food itself, it’s about how YOU feel about it.

There are no rules ‘out there’ there are only perceptions of others – which has nothing to do with you. Diets etc. are just representations of what feels good to someone else, invest in following your own bliss in a limitless, creative way !

Much Love,

Jessica ReidSpiritual Adventures




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