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Vital Steps for Discovering Your Purpose and Achieving All Your Life Goals

What is my purpose in this lifetime?  How do I achieve all of my desires in life?

Once again, two very important questions for anyone seeking an Abundant Life full of purpose, wonder, and contentment.

To truly feel a zest for life, it is imperative that we find our purpose…and develop life goals that we can strive for. It is this author’s belief…that until we discover our true purpose(s) in life, we are really only existing…and basically only partially living the incredible lives each of us were destined for.

With those thoughts in mind, lets quickly review some simple steps that can be used to enhance our journey towards a more Abundant Life full of purpose, wonder, and an overall satisfaction with our life’s path.

  • Discovering and achieving our purpose is best accomplished by carefully considering our goals…and then putting together a plan for attaining these goals.
  • True success is the result of positive thoughts concerning our goals…and learning how to minimize our negative thoughts.
  • Learning how to develop our creative abilities is vital in the journey towards achieving our purpose…and is probably one of the sole reasons for our existence.
  • Learning how to use our imagination and dreams to help create the reality we desire is very important for achievement of our purpose in life.
  • Much wisdom and success in today’s world can be obtained by studying many of the ancient philosophies and success methods of great achievers of the past.
  • Acquiring the ability to look inside ourselves through some form of personal meditation is vital for both discovering our purpose and accomplishing our goals.

In the first part of the Discovering Your Purpose series we talked about the first three of six tools and techniques you can use to help discover and implement your purpose and life goals. Now lets look at the last three of these vital skills that will help you on your journey.

Our ability to creatively use our imaginations can be the difference between just “going with the flow” or truly creating something extraordinary. Through the intelligent use of our imaginations and dreams, entirely new ways of thinking can be explored as we pursue our life’s purpose.

The use of visualization and affirmation techniques are very important tools that can be used to make our goals more vibrant and real…and thereby more achievable.

When we truly learn how to visualize our goals using all of our available senses, we unlock extremely powerful forces for change…both within and without.

Using the valuable techniques associated with visualizations and affirmations is an excellent way to utilize our subconscious and superconscious minds to accelerate the achievement of our life’s purpose and goals.

While both visualization and affirmation techniques are excellent ways to make our goals more “real” and obtainable, another valuable tool for self exploration and creativity development is a technique called Lucid Dreaming.

Basically, Lucid Dreaming is a valuable way to use the power and insight of our dreams to help us further discover our purpose and what is really valuable to us. Lucid Dreaming actually allows us to have more control over our dream state consciousness…thereby enabling us to direct our dreams to provide the answers we are looking for.

Tapping into the minds of wisdom seekers who have come before us can be a very powerful method for helping us achieve our life goals

Any study of personal achievement and self-development will in due time soon reveal that we humans have been searching for the same answers at least as long as recorded time.

While each new generation of truth and wisdom seekers feel they have tapped into some new knowledge, the truth is most of what we consider “new” knowledge is really only ancient ideas packaged in new ways.

There is a tremendous amount of very valuable information that has been taught through the ages, and a thorough study of this timeless wisdom is essential for our personal growth and for the pursuit of our life’s purpose.

In truth, human nature and what it takes to be successful in our pursuits have not really changed throughout time. Many before us have been through most of the same trials that “plague” individuals in today’s society…and while technologies may advance, the formula for success has essentially remained the same.

Using the power of meditation to relax our minds and look within can be an excellent tool for truly contemplating our purpose and goals

As our world becomes more and more complex…and daily living becomes increasingly hectic, it is becomes even more important then ever to look within for answers to life’s questions and for ways to achieve our hearts desires.

Ancient masters have used meditation to help explore their inner selves for eons, and meditation continues to be a vital component in our pursuit of the important goals we wish to achieve.

Action towards our goals is absolutely a vital component for achievement of purpose, but it is even more important to take the necessary time to truly contemplate what we wish to accomplish before starting the action steps. If we truly examine our failures in life, we will soon discover that most of our failures were the result of wrong actions or actions performed too soon.

Taking the necessary time to meditate and truly explore our inner selves cannot be overemphasized…and the benefits to our self-growth and personal time are immeasurable.

If you haven’t already explored the benefits of regular meditation and how technology has made it even easier to meditate like a seasoned practitioner, now is an excellent time to start a regular meditation routine, and start to reap the enormous benefits associated with it.

Through the use of various techniques and tools of the mind and beyond, it is quite possible the make our dreams reality…while at the same time…becoming totally engaged in the pursuit of our goals

Being “lost” in the pursuit of our true life’s purpose is definitely the most worthwhile use of our limited lifetime.  Being “lost in the moment” has to be one of the most satisfying experiences for anyone. We have all experienced this feeling at one time or another, time appeared to stand still, and it was during these special times when we felt most alive.

Can these “special moments in time” be a normal occurrence?  Absolutely!

Through discovery of our true life’s purpose…and through developing ourselves in the many areas discussed, we can create a truly blessed life where the journey is just as satisfying as the final destination



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