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Carrot and orange Soup Recipe

Warm Raw Carrot & Orange Soup

By Lia Aquila |

Eating Raw doesn’t mean eating cold! Here’s a great recipe to help you be nourished and warm this Winter..


2 large Carrots
1 large Orange or 2 small
Small cube of fresh ginger
Sprig of fresh rosemary
½ cup of Cashews
½ Avocados
½ litre Hot Water


Blend the orange and carrots in the hot water.
Add the rosemary, avocado and cashews.
Blend until the mixture thickens into a thick soup.
Add more water if you want it thinner.
Serve immediately, or store until required.
Gently warm when needed.

Lia Aquila

About The Author

In 2011 Lia cured herself of a debilitating illness in just 7-months using raw food, exercise and natural healing which inspired her to become a raw food chef, public speaker, health coach, and founded of Raw Fest a 4 day conscious living festival.

Since then, she continues helping others towards making natural, impactful changes in their lives through raw food classes, meditation workshops, personal coaching, and retreats.

Lia started Raw Fest in 2012 to share the message of natural, conscious living and demonstrate to people that it can be done in a fun and creative way.

She has so far organised 3 of the annual 4-day festivals as well as Raw Fest Picnic in the Park, Raw Fest Dance Party plus other assorted gatherings in the UK.

As a regular speaker on health, healing, and nutrition she has spoken at such events as Vegfest London, Vegfest Bristol and Festival of Life. Lia will be participating in the upcoming Health, Wealth, & Happiness event this year.

Today she runs her practice for bodywork and healing alongside the raw food and conscious wellbeing events. Lia Aquila has been in the natural health industry for over 12 years, as a clinical sports and remedial massage practitioner, and lecturer in degree level complementary medicine.

Through her clinical practice she currently sees clients at the Berkeley Clinic, Marble Arch and the Landsdowne Club, Mayfair.
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