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Weight Off Your Mind: 5 Secrets of My Successful Weight Loss and Maintenance Journey

Jenna-Lee Anderson |

It is a depressing statistic that between 60-90% of men and women who successfully manage to lose weight will inevitably regain the weight they have lost. Worse still most of those who beat the battle of the bulge invariably gain even more weight than they lose within 2 years. 95-98% of dieters will regain the weight they have lost and gain even more weight within 5 years*. If you are an Emotional Eater faced with the challenge of losing weight and keeping it off then the chances are you are very familiar with the heartache and misery associated with conventional dieting.

There are so many eating and exercise plans from Slimfast to Cabbage Soup, Zumba to Spinning each packaged with a promise of weight loss. There is the initial high of starting a diet and losing weight, then the plateau which determines if you “stick with it” or not. (If)

You keep going, the weight drops off and you reach your dream target. “Congratulations!” Now the real challenge of weight loss begins: Maintenance! Maintaining a successful weight loss is a challenge for the mind. I use the word challenge as opposed to hard because one you fully embrace and start to live by the rules of optimum health and wellbeing (good nutrition, rest and regular exercise) your brain develops new pathways and the way you interact with the world changes. So why then after putting in all that hard work, effort, time and cash do so many people regain the weight they lose and then some?

Personally I don’t believe it’s the diets themselves that are the problem. The math is fairly simply expend more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. However, for so many people the math just don’t quite add up.

Successful weigh loss isn’t just about changing your eating habits and exercising more.

Dieting isn’t a thing you do for 12 weeks and then everything is ok. Successful weight loss is a change in lifestyle. A real change in how you behave; what you think, do and say has to transform drastically if you want your weight loss to become a permanent part of your life.

Einstein says it best: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

To create lasting change you will have to create new habits that support your healthy lifestyle. You will have to LIVE Slim to STAY Slim.

What you have been doing in your life has got you this far therefore, there must be an element of knowledge and a behaviour missing if you are not losing the weight that you want to lose.

This is a powerful piece of personal understanding. Discover the single piece of knowledge that you don’t know and then knowing what you don’t know is the key to finding a way to lose weight and keep it off.

Einstein (a very clever man) when asked what he would do if he only had 1 hour to save the world from an impending disaster said “I would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.” Why am I quoting Einstein again?

Simple, he’s a weight loss genius! I applied his philosophy to my own life and transformed myself from a 25st depressed, homeless single mother with a cheating partner into a catwalk model, psychologist and business woman. I have maintained my 15st weight loss for over 10years and now I am happy to share 5 of my most life changing insights and top tips for successful weight loss with you J

1: Name it and Claim it!

Get real about your situation. It’s your life we’re talking about and if you want to live it unlimited then you have to know what you are really dealing with. If you are at a weight or size that is unhealthy then you are not “big boned”, you are not “a bit chubby” “plump”, “podgy” or even “fluffy” you are overweight. You are Fat! There I said it. I’ve been there too remember ;-).

The first thing challenge I had on my weight loss journey was naming my problem (remember what Einstein said). Admitting the Truth was uncomfortable. I had spent so many years in denial only to surface every so often to try and fail another diet. The proof of my denial was the fact that there are only a handful of pictures of me at my heaviest.

So truly owning the harsh Truth. “I am Fat!” was heartbreaking. I felt ashamed and angry that I had allowed myself to put on a life threatening amount of weight. I felt stupid and guilty that I had absolutely no control of my compulsive eating.

There is no shame in taking full ownership of the statement “I am Fat!” It is actually one of the most empowering things to do because it challenges you. Once you accept ownership of the statement “I am Fat!” The next question Life demands is “Now what are

YOU going to do about it?” You can’t ignore this question! You can run from it but inevitably, it will find you and you will have to seek an answer.

Being Fat “DOES NOT” make you a bad person under any circumstances. It does not diminish or devalue your self-worth. Acknowledging admitting and owning your body’s situation is the first step to changing it.

“You are not your fat. Your fat is not YOU!” It is just a symptom of your relationship with food. You wouldn’t identify an alcoholic as just fermented sugar so do not identify who you are as the symptom of your emotional eating problem.

However the bottom line as with all plans of action is simple. You have to know what you are really dealing with and you are dealing with the a psychological and biological relationship that is out of control.

Good News! Calling Fat Fat is the start of your successful weight loss journey. When you know what something really is you can claim it and change it.

2: Don’t Judge Yourself

Judgement is for courtrooms. You’re not a criminal. You haven’t done anything wrong. So do not beat yourself up about your weight. Judging yourself unfairly is a negative thing to do. It is cruel and harmful. You have made choices in the past that have resulted in you gaining weight but you are now committed to change your life. “YAY!” You are now committed to living a healthy lifestyle. You are now committed to take control of your behaviour, so congratulate yourself for having COURAGE.

Accept the past, accept what you have done before today. You are human. Emotional Eaters find it hard to respond appropriately to emotions that trigger compulsive eating or binges. Emotional management is a skill you are choosing to learn. Now that you know better, you can do better; so please let the judgement go.

Practice these exercises daily: Take a quiet moment to look at yourself in the mirror, really look into your eyes and apologise to yourself for what you have done before but assure yourself that now you know better you will do better. Make this promise to yourself and believe it. Concentrate and feel the promise you are making to yourself.

Admitting that we are the harshest judges is hard! It takes time to accept that we are not what the negative thoughts living rent free in our heads. In order to create new pathways in your brain that support your weight loss journey you are going to have to practice FORGIVING yourself. You are going to have to do this every day until it becomes automatic. It will happen in time but you have to practice. You’re learning a new skill so you have to try.

Practice saying the following to yourself, adapt it to suit you get comfortable with speaking out loud to yourself. When you affirm something out loud it becomes real. You can physically hear yourself stating your Truth and in time you will listen with ease J. The Universe listens and responds to your wish. So practice! Do it with feeling and believe what you say, you’re the one saying it after all.

“I let go of all the negative thoughts and judgements I hold against myself. I am sorry for not Loving myself. I am sorry for medicating myself with food. I am sorry for the pain I have caused myself. I am sorry. But it is time to move on. I promise that I will show myself compassion. I promise I will do one positive thing for myself every day. I promise to put the effort in to change my behaviour.

I promise to be kinder towards myself. I promise to try. I am committed to positive change. I am committed to seeing myself as the wonderful human being I truly am. I promise to be the best version of myself because I deserve to be happy, confident and healthy.

I am worthy of having the life I desire. I deserve it because I am alive. I deserve it because I am a wonderful person. I choose to live.”

About The Author

Jenna-Lee is an accredited psychologist, public speaker, weight loss coach and mentor. She specialises in overcoming emotional eating.

Having lost and maintained a 15 stone weight loss, she is an expert in the nature of food addiction and the psychology behind successful weight loss. Jenna-Lee uses her own personal and professional experience as the basis of her client coaching business. Her perspective is unique.

By combining a mix of Psychological practices, NLP training and Spirituality her clients achieve personal transformation and insights that create weight loss breakthroughs and personal development.

Details of her work including how to get a free Weight Off Your Mind consultation is available on her website www.JLASuccess.com.

Alternatively you can email her at Info@JLASuccess.com to arrange your consultation or discuss how Jenna may be able to help you.



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