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What Actually Is The Power Of Love?

How can we work together in harmony with the universe in order to create lasting positive changes in our lives and on Earth?

Love is many things. In fact it may be more accurate to say that love is all things. This article will focus more closely on how we as humans may be able to work with the power of love in our lives and for the wellbeing of humanity and the world.

Firstly I am not going to profess to you exactly what this is, because it would be a grand statement to claim that I as a human being could possibly know the full extent and workings of “the power of love”.   As with all things, neither you nor me can claim to know the true nature of reality. I shall simply be sharing some of my ideas, feelings, experiences, beliefs and observations on the subject.

This article expresses an interpretation of a glimpse into a fraction of what the true power of love may be and how a belief in this could help to heal the entire world.

When we observe the natural forms in the universe, planets, stars, plants, animals, the human body, we can see that all of these are pure nature. I see these natural forms as perfect manifestations of love in physical form and in action.

11146028_10153324326288573_1646659186_nWe only have to look at the beauty and perfect magnificence of the sun and the natural world and the human body to see that all of nature is love itself.

It is love, made of love and made from love. The Earth orbiting the Sun and stars being born in nebulas, a baby being conceived, a plant sprouting from a seed are all examples of love in motion.

Now we begin to see a glimpse of the physical power of love. But how can we work more closely with this divine force?

The world is now at a turning point of immense transformation on every level. It is one where everything is being brought back into harmony with the universe and with love.

We often hear people talk about the governments and corporations of this planet as if they are in control. The reality is that we the people have had the power all along. This is because the greatest power exists in our collective consciousness i.e. the collective group.

All of the worlds’ societal systems are in place because we have allowed them to be. Corporations can only exist because we buy into their services. The less positive systems have been possible because we have not understood or used our power in harmonious ways.

Although the power is in our very hands, it is only truly effective when it is used in harmony with nature i.e. with love.


Because then it is supported by the entire universe. This is the fundamental key principle for us to realise in order to influence miraculous change on a global scale. From this viewpoint we may begin to understand the meaning of miracle work and faith.

11153433_10153324338223573_721337864_oAll natural forms of the universe represent life, expansion, growth, balance, harmony, oneness, togetherness.

These could all be seen as forms of love. Therefore anything that expresses these qualities is working in harmony with the power of love and with the universe.

Nature works in a system where each part functions harmoniously to support the healthy functioning of the entire system. This can be seen in the workings of the human body, ecosystems in nature, and the planets orbiting the Sun.

Many of today’s man-made systems and models are designed to serve the individual profit gain, which does not directly support the health and wellbeing of humanity and nature. They are designed by fear-based belief systems that have been created by the “negative” aspect of the “ego” mind, which is really made up by us.

It is not bad. It is simply out of harmony with the universe, and thus out of harmony with love. As we have made it up it has no secure foundations and therefore is finite. Currently we are learning to let go of these old worn-out beliefs and are transitioning to ones that are in harmony with love.

These love-based beliefs are supported by the entire universe due their being in harmony with one another. To simplify, any systems that support life and wellbeing are supported by the entire universe and all of its power, the power of love, simply because they are working on the same level of consciousness.

11158154_10153324327363573_189903475_nThis opens the doors for the belief in an inevitable metamorphosis of all man-made systems that do not support the true well-being and upliftment of humanity and nature.

A grand statement maybe? But how can a structure that is created only by man’s fear ever compete with ones that are supported by the entire universe?

We can see this happening around us on a daily basis in many systems that appear to be in turmoil, finance, healthcare, education, government, food and so on.

I am suggesting the probability that all of these systems and more will be healed as people see the clarity of their unsustainability and work to bring them all into harmony with nature, with love, with the universe.

As all things on earth came from love, so to do they belong and so to will they return. It is highly plausible that as people choose love in its diverse forms, all discord on earth will transform into more harmonious ways of living, and in a much more gentle way than what some people may think. This process has already been set in solid motion.

We may wonder what we can do in our own lives. It is extremely important to not underestimate the power of each of our individual life choices. Studies have now proven the influential effect that our actions have on others around us, even our thoughts.

What if each choice that we make is reflective on the bigger scale? What if we consciously choose to take back our power and to do our own work to create a harmonious way of living together on Earth? We may wonder how this is possible if we are not already in a position of power or a job that is ecologically-supporting.

In order to understand this it is important to see our reality here as everything being a reflection of aspects of itself on different scales. We are part of all things and people and all things and people are a part of us. This way of thinking can help us to take more responsibility in our choices.

11165826_10153324328153573_1405817225_nFor example what we see in the world around us may not be as separated from our individual choices as we may think.

What if we can choose to take a stance, which can dictate an apparently small individual choice to be equal to one made on an apparently larger scale?

For example, we can consciously choose to see that each time we take a peaceful stance in a tense social situation as being no different from an entire nation choosing to end a war.

Or if we choose to eat organic foods could represent a government banning the use of harmful pesticides. The reason why I believe in the effectiveness of this way of thinking is that I believe that the specific frequencies that are created in the process of making healthy choices are exactly the same whether they are made on small or large scales.

We can feel this in the moment when we are given such a choice.

A fork in the road. One way feels heavy, whereas the other feels light and free. This I feel is the very power of love in action working through us. I also feel that in each of these choices, a whole new pathway may be written for the course of our lives.

A choice made from love possesses a feeling that echoes like thunder eternally through the fabric of all of creation, time, space and beyond with a power that is beyond human description.

This feeling seems to give way to a knowing that the only force that truly has power on Earth is that of love. Yes we have experienced “darkness” and still do. But each of these loving choices made by each individual and in groups are gradually bringing the entire world into balance. And the grandest part of this has only just begun.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which we can practice these:

Choosing to speak about what we love instead of what we don’t want.

Choosing to drink green juice instead of Coca-cola.11121942_10153324328023573_1561161951_n

Choosing to forgive instead of fighting.

Choosing to love ourselves instead of self-criticise.

Choosing to eat less animal products.

Choosing to help others.

Choosing to be calm instead of stressed.

Choosing to believe in our goodness instead of the “bad”.

Choosing to give up smoking, drink and drugs.

Choosing to work for an organisation that is good for people and the planet.

Choosing to speak up about what we know is right.

Choosing to heal oneself instead of using pharmaceuticals.

Choosing to share life-supporting ideas with others, especially with people that may not have already

looked into them.

Choosing to spend money on products and activities that support the life and upliftment of people and of nature.

Choosing to work on creative projects in the arts that uplift our souls.

The list goes on and on and on…

In these loving choices we are beginning to become miracle workers and true creators.

There are always creative ways that we can choose love in any situation and any place. It is important that we see our individual situations as exactly perfect for who we choose to be and the paths that we choose to be on in any given moment.

I have observed that the effect of this global transformation is being seen more and more on every level of life.

11119074_10153324326453573_940417986_nWe are each an individual phoenix rising as new beings from the ashes of old ways.

We are learning how to truly maintain a healthy mind, body and relationships through a wide array of creative practices and techniques.

Many nations are focusing more and more on sustainable ways of living. The movement to give up on consumption of animal products is growing at an ever-increasing rate.

Even the UN have begun to encourage veganism as they understand how great effect it can have to help to solve many of the worlds problems.

We are learning to heal ourselves using natural means instead of using pharmaceuticals. People are letting go of things that do not serve a healthy system such as intoxicants and negative thought patterns. Schools are introducing more meditation lessons. Miraculous discoveries are being found in nature and in science on a daily basis.

Nations are beginning to promote organic products more and more. Even the media is beginning to broadcast more positive news. New styles of art, design and music are emerging that have powerfully uplifting and innovative qualities and help to unify people.

11156946_10153324290003573_1522899550_nIn places of conflict, civilians are choosing peace and forgiveness. We are no longer buying into the misinformation of propaganda and are choosing to find out truths for ourselves.

It is helpful to see that due to the power of all of these movements of love, they are protected in ways that need not be understood, as they are supported by the universe.

Due to their light yet powerful life-giving essence, they can only keep growing and building upon themselves at increasing rates.

As we focus our attention on this way of thinking we will see more and more occurrences that are reflective of it. These can be anything from miraculous changes in one’s direct life or ones on large scale.

Another greatly important idea to consider is that a single choice made from love may be the starting point that a mind that has dwelled in darkness may come back to a path that is light. We have all made mistakes in life and done things that may have seemed wrong. Yet we are all part of the universe and are thus all made of love.

We deserve to give ourselves and each other our faith and belief in our inherent goodness. If we are able to give such faith to those who have committed serious crimes, then we allow them and ourselves the opportunity to choose love.

We can open ourselves up to the belief that we can transform in any moment, in each choice, and so can anyone else. A sinner may become a saint in the twinkling of an eye.

In doing so we give everyone a chance to come to our rightful place as working in harmony with the universe and giving new life to this world for any and every person has wondrous gifts and talents to offer this grand movement that we are experiencing on Earth.

How do we begin to access our potential as miracle workers by working with the power of love?

This paragraph discusses the way that we can use our intention and energy to influence positive change. This has been discussed partly by Gregg Braden in his video The Science Of Miracles, which sees that the field of the human heart affects the physical world around us.

This paragraph goes beyond the effect of our physical choice and explains how we may be able to channel the power of love in order to influence manifestations that are in harmony with love. We must firstly understand that everything is energy and everything is interconnected.

11032648_10153324326378573_416338820_oWe ought also to understand that things are created partly through us as we are beings of energy that are constantly giving life to the world and what we focus on helps to direct what is manifested through us.

One of the most important keys for this to work is to really believe that anything is possible when it is working with love.

We must let go of all of our ideas of how space and time and physicality may work, including the potential of our own bodies and minds. This is easy to do when we accept that we really have no idea what the nature of reality really is.

Effectively this way of thinking feels as if it opens up many new doors to allowing miraculous new discoveries to emerge unto our world. Also as we use these tools while holding good intentions we know that the grand power of love will assist in their creation as they are aimed solely on helping the world and mankind.

When we have an idea that we know deeply as being good and supporting of life, then it will be helped by the entire universe to manifest.

Physical “laws”, time and space are irrelevant. We can focus on the feeling of an innate knowing, trust and faith that all things on earth will be brought into balance for the good of all life here. When we pay attention to the feeling that emerges may feel again the deep thunder of the divine power of love flowing through us and flowing through the core fabric of creation to do what it needs to do.

11153469_10153324326268573_1475176001_oIn that moment we know that something beautiful is at work and we can expect more miraculous changes to emerge around us from small to big. We may feel our feet warm up in these moments, as mother Earth below us thanks us for our efforts and belief.

I believe that this way of thinking and being is important for people in order to take our power back and to help to influence inner and outer healing on Earth. It may be the fastest way because it breaks through the confines of time and space.

The power of love can travel anywhere and anytime to do what is needed for the good of the world.

It is clear that everything that is happening right now is exactly perfect for all the choices that we have made and continue to make individually and as a whole. We are all learning to love in diverse and creative ways and in doing so the world is healing. The power of love is our divine orchestrator.

Patrick MacPherson

About The Author

I am Patrick MacPherson. A 27 year old interior designer and artist from south west London.

I see each part of life as an opportunity to create and experience new ways to love and to heal. I have a vision of how a heavenly world might look and how it might happen, while keeping faith that all goings-on in the present moment are exactly perfect for each of our journey.



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