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What Does it Mean to “Love” Someone?

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We have created a lot of meaning around the word love and we have really defined what it means to “love” someone. The purpose of this piece is to get readers to ask the question: What does it mean to love someone?

It’s important that we look at many of the obvious beliefs behind how we show love to someone because these are the very foundations of what we have defined when it comes to loving another whether it be a parent, a child, a sibling, a friend or a significant other.

True+love_b80c13_3784882Does it mean we are worried about them? Fear for their safety? Want to protect them? If we do nice things for them it means we love them? If we sacrifice for them does it mean we love them? Because we want to interfere with their decisions and tell them what’s best does it mean we love them?

Often times we feel that we act this way towards certain people because we love them and this love makes us act in this way. But love isn’t the reason, it’s simply the belief systems around love that makes us act this way. This comes along with the fact we are afraid and have a vested interest in what they do because we feel their choices and well being affects our state of being. Often times we feel like this because we feel we become responsible for others and where they end up once we “love” or are close to them.

When you look at the natural state of who we are and what we are, we do not see what was discussed above as what it means to love someone. Love is simply loving unconditionally no matter what a person does. Further, we do not try to interfere or judge what experience another is having. We simply allow them to have free will and free experience to do what they choose as they will have whatever experience they require.

There is no need to worry as what they are doing is perfect for them and those around them. The worry comes from the fear driven by the beliefs discussed above. One cannot make mistakes or do something wrong. Each choice simply has a series of possible outcomes and none is right or wrong.

We have to remember that when situations occur that may challenge our peace, neutrality and clarity, to not give in to what the mind will try to create in the form of fear or worry. Detachment and knowing that each soul is in control, having whatever experience they require is how we remain in peace.

This does not mean we are not caring or that we are cold towards the person, it simply means we are allowing free will and each soul to have the experience they require. We can offer clarity from a neutral place as a support mechanism, but to tell them right from wrong or good and bad is bringing in belief systems and interference all over again.

At our deepest most purest state, we love everyone all the same. We do not see separation or care more for one person than another. We are simply unconditionally loving to everyone and everything.

This is true neutrality, true peace and true love.





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