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What is the mental body

What is Our Mental Body and Why Do We Need to Take Care of it?

Beyond and within us are concentric layers called the Subtle Bodies. The formation of these layers or Bodies is called the Subtle Anatomy. Layered like onion rings, they are the Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies.

These layers spread laterally for meters around you. They also stretch upward into the Cosmos. They form concentric dimensions inwardly into the Eight Dimension where our Seed of Existence sits. Our God Nature is seated and centred within each one of us.

Sum Total of Earthly Existence.

We are the sum total of two evolutions. The Cosmic Evolution and our personal Karmic Evolution. How far we have Evolved is seen in our Conscious Awareness. How much do we understand of our core God Nature?. We are so astoundingly beautiful and complex.

Our construction is intricate. One Structure within the other. One level forms the basis for the next. The Divine Plane, the First Plane, forms into the Monadic Second Plane. That in turn divides into The Trinity of Spirit expressed as Wisdom, Will and Active Intelligence.

This Trinity in turn translates into Love, Knowledge and Sacrifice on the Higher Mental Plane, the Higher Self. In turn this becomes the Blueprint of direction and purpose for the individual’s life on earth.

This Blueprint is in turn expressed through the virtues, vices and glamours. These then form the work on which the incarnating Higher Self needs to AWAKEN through.

It is a journey of Self Discovery. How beautiful and truly loved we are!.

It gets Physical.

The Planes’ multidimensional intricacy allow the Creator to form The Trinity of Spirit and The Spiritual Triad. These in turn provide the construct for the Higher and Lower Mental Planes. The Higher Mental Plane is where the Higher Self resides. The Lower Mental Plane allows the formation of our Subtle Bodies as well as our Physical Body. Between the Higher and Lower Mental Planes lies the The Cosmic Diaphragm.

We have a Diaphragm in our Physical Body. In our physical bodies our higher functions are separated from our lower functions by our Diaphragm. So too, The Cosmic Diaphragm divides The higher Mental Plane from the Lower physical functions. It separates the Intuition from the Logic.

Let it flow.

By studying the Mental Plane we can begin to see our Physical Form taking shape. We now know where we came from and how we were made. As we study our Cosmic Structure, we are descending the Planes into more and more Physical Matter.

From God to Spirit, down to Higher Mind (Causation) and finally to Physical Form. All of this relies on one principle; Unconditional Loving Connection, LOVE.

When blockages occur to this divine energy, then we get problems. The key understanding here is: Let it Flow. This River of Cosmic Love needs to be FREE. It needs TO BE whatever it’s Creator intended. This applies to anything in the Cosmos; Planet, Population or Person. We are doing what the Cosmos is doing. Can you feel it breathing?.

Free to be ME.

When Energy is prevented from flowing freely, it forms Blockages and Imbalances. When there is a blockage or imbalance anywhere in our: Health, Awareness or Action, we suffer. When we go within and with it, we see and become the wonder that is life.

When our Spiritual Path, Higher Self urges and our Earthly Physical limitations are working together we can have Growth and Fulfilment. This is where we can bring together: Who we are, Where we are and What we are doing.

What has the Cosmos got in-store for you?



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