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What is the purpose of becoming the ‘wise one’ on this path of enlightenment?

What is the purpose of becoming the ‘wise one’ on this path of enlightenment? Is it for the self or for others?

Do you feel that you are on a path of enlightenment?

Do you know the reason why you are on this path?

Are you the type of person who enjoys taking substances to escape earth’s reality?

As I sit here and  reflect on all of this, I know that this path is laid out in order to light your own path.

Be your own guiding star, that shines a beautiful light. Listen to yourself, listen to your body, listen to your gut, your heart and your inner voice.  Be that ray of sunshine that makes everyone in your presence feel warm.

The enlightened path is about making positive changes for personal growth, expansion of consciousness, to stay grounded and connect with the ‘bigger’ you.

Not to tell or preach. Nobody likes the feeling of being told or sold to!!!

Adults don’t like to be told what to do or what to think, as often they have made their minds up about a lot of things, whereas children are always willing to accept guidance, as it is part of  their nurturing and development.

Even when we can see through the lines of somebody’s character or personality,  we have to allow  each individual to see themselves through their own eyes, to see for themselves.

Just like reading a newspaper, everybody perceives a story very differently. Some people will read with a literal mind, others metaphorically. Some in full belief of every details or disbelief in each word. Some people decide to side with the victim, others with the perpetrator, some never get round to finishing it, and don’t bother reading it at all! All the while a select few are gifted to see the truth within it all and read between the lines.

So if this newspaper is a friend of yours, which reader are you?

And how do you cope with idea that they are reaching out for help? Do you hold and support them in their growth or let them make their mistakes in the hope they will learn and grow. If they have realised for themselves that change needs to happen but can’t read between the lines like you can, how do you help?

The biggest change in the self comes from accepting that things need to change in the first place.

Any person who works in mental health will tell you ‘the first step the client needs to take in order to recover is that they need to realise and accept that they are ill.’

Now let’s be honest here, we all have a mental health illness, it’s just not diagnosed. We all have that second voice in our head, or that tight knot in our gut – this is not illness, it is the physical and spiritual state of the human being!

We are all unique and divided by experience, but we share breath, love and light. We all need to accept our reality. Accept each and every moment whether it is chosen or not.

Don’t be afraid to have an open heart, to open up your arms and send out love so others can feel it. Liberate your bubble in existence, validate your very being and command a greater, more joyful  presence!

We don’t need to take anything that removes us from our reality or allure us into other dimensions. If we own our reality, own our moments we will wake up to such a beautiful reality, which will encourage and demonstrate a way of life that anybody can choose to have.

Some people reading this may be thinking “WHAT!?!?”

Ultimately, what it boils down to is this… if it meant you had to venture out to be awakened then so be it, but bring yourself back home!

Evolution of the self, creates evolution of earth and all that exists.

That is true evolution.


About The Author

As a Healer and Teacher I have a desire and passion to help and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives to be healthy and happy.

Experiencing a colourful life and loosing both parents to cancer spiralled a journey of discovery in the deeper meaning of life.

In November 2014 I ventured to the Amazon Rainforest and spent 20 days with an Indigenous Tribe, which connected me home, to mother earth.

My journey so far has been incredible; all of my experiences empower me daily to be the happiest women on earth and to share the love and light with you all.

Read my messages with an open heart and receive healing from a voice that lays within you. Love Kaysen @ Pura Aura See it and Grab It!

‘’There is so much opportunity around us, but only a few people open there eyes to see it. Are you one of them? We are living in the land of opportunity… so what are we doing with it?’’ @puraaura #onelove



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