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When It Feels Like Too Much..

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One of the best things about what we do here, I feel at least, is our ability to share personal experiences that others can draw from and share in the feeling of being in this all together. Let’s be honest, if we didn’t have others to share thoughts, feelings and emotions with, we would probably all go nuts in this shift!

can say this for my fellow team members as well I am sure, we are all going through our own massive shifts and individually are all having a bumpy ride at times. Sometimes, it just gets a little overwhelming and becomes difficult to handle.

When we think of how much of a large scale shift we are in, we begin to realize how much is and will change, physically and mentally, in such a short period of time. Our bodies are literally going through a massive transformation causing a lot of confusion within the body. This confusion isn’t a bad thing or something to worry about, but more so just it reacting to the grand increase in higher vibration energy. Energy that our bodies have not experienced much of. With the overall vibe not returning down to its lower state, our bodies become very confused and begin to adapt.

Mentally we are going from being very stuck and ingrained in our ways and beliefs to realizing and remembering the truth of our entire existence and it’s purpose. This may not be clear immediately but it is presenting itself in many ways for us all individually and collectively.

As we experience times of mental confusion or un-ease, we are having moments present for us to break out of these stuck states. In some cases, this is happening behind the scenes and more room for higher consciousness is being made. This can result in new found clarity that did not seem to be there before.

In both cases, mental and physical, there is a huge increase in how much is changing in such a small period of time versus times when we were not going through this shift. It is only to be expected that it will not be “easy” all the time.

So, when the times are uncomfortable and it just seems like it is too much to handle; seeing the world the way it is, watching as we our so disconnected from everything, realizing the differences we have created between one another, feeling like this is just not happening fast enough, and feeling like we cannot help, remember that you are changing – WE are changing. It is happening very quickly and in many ways all of which may bring up frustration in every one of us. Remember to steer clear of creating drama surrounding things that may present, this drama comes from the mind and ego and is not the true self. We can use what the mind and ego has brought up to see what might need to be cleared or assessed but beyond that we can let it go.

Avoid covering up everything with affirmations and false smiles, this only band aids the problem and hides what actually needs to be looked at. Unfortunately much of the “new age movement” has created some powerful beliefs around band aiding problems with what we think is “positivity.” Face your problems and your fears, don’t cover them up. This also does not mean we should be reckless and lash out, venting our frustration.

Not one of us is alone in this shift and not one of us will see it pass by without having massive changes take place in our experiences. Feel the knowing that we are collectively in this together and take note of that when we see what may be presenting in others before we judge.





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