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Where To Donate A Mattress

No man is an island. While having a mattress to sleep on at night is not such a big issue for most people, for some it is a dream that is beyond belief. Mattresses are not cheap, especially a good one that is made from high quality material. A mattress is a necessity for a healthy and humane life, but still some people don’t have access to mattresses that they can use to sleep on at night. You might buy a new mattress to better suit your needs or to address a certain concern, but instead of throwing away your old mattress, you need to consider that when you donate a mattress you are actually helping yourself and others.

Sleeping on a bad mattress or worse without one at all, can cause major health problems. It can affect the proper alignment of the spine and neck muscles and ligaments and it can cause fatigue and stiffness in the whole body. When you donate a mattress, you are giving a human being the fair chance to sleep comfortably where they can wake up feeling fresh and healthy to function in the society. Sleep deprivation is a painful

A mattress has a certain lifetime, after which it should be replaced as the layers begin to deteriorate. In this case, you should consider finding a good place to donate your mattress instead of keeping it unused under the bed or in the attic. After using a mattress for a number of years, you might feel that your mattress doesn’t provide the benefits for which you bought it. It might start to sag a little or to be a little uncomfortable to sleep on. If it has internal coils, the coils might break or be very noisy to sleep on. Latex and memory foam also have a life time after which they deteriorate and become useless and provide no plush or support. This is when you make a decision to buy a new one. But throwing away an old mattress is such a waste and is not eco-friendly. When you donate mattresses, you are helping a fellow human being, giving him a chance to have sound sleep that will give him the chance to have a normal life. This is also a chance to protect people’s bodies and health since sleeping on uncomfortable surfaces can cause serious back and neck problems.

But you need to find out where to donate a mattress. Finding the right place to donate a mattress is not hard. You can check with the local community or with your acquaintances and friends. A lot of old people homes allow for donating mattresses as long as they are gently used and are in good condition. You can also donate a mattress to a local orphanage, hospital or a homeless shelter. Many of these places provide a free service of picking up the mattress since transporting a mattress is not exactly the easiest task. All you need to do is to make a call and an agent will come with the right equipment to pick up your used mattress. Many organizations take gently used mattresses, clean them and get them in shape so that they can be used by somebody else. These previously owned mattresses will then be given to less fortunate members of the community who can afford to buy a new mattress.

Once you donate a mattress, the specialists at the place of choice will evaluate its condition. Some old mattresses need some sort of fixing before they can be used by someone else, for example replacing some of the inner coils or springs. Some need some extra stitching at the corners. A mattress should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use. This will ensure that your previously owned mattress is healthy and clean before someone else uses it.

There are a lot of organizations that specifically guide you to where to donate a mattress. These community service organizations show the love of God and fellow men to one another by helping people and providing them with one of every day’s necessities at low or no cost. These organizations usually have a list of names of the people in need in your local community. They will probably have the mattress delivered to their homes or the places where they are staying.

When you donate a mattress, you are actually getting rid of unnecessary clutter that will just ruin the beauty of your home and will occupy vital space. Storing an old mattress is waste of time and space. Keeping an old mattress also requires constant cleaning and maintenance to keep away the dust. You are also giving a human being a chance to sleep in good conditions that will improve their health and overall wellbeing. It is a conscious decision that everybody should consider.



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