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Who am I?

Who am I? Its occurred to me of late that there are very few people in my life that actually have a clue who I am or indeed anything about me. I posed a dilemma to several of my friends just yesterday and to my surprise not one of them answered from a place of understanding who was asking the question… it set me thinking, Who are we all really?

I have a birthday coming up and by all accounts (well Douglas Adams’ Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy anyway) I will be reaching the number which represents the answer to life, the universe and everything (that’s handy)! But as that will change next year I AM NOT my age. I have deep brown eyes but if I no longer had them I would still be me so I AM NOT a browneyed girl. I have dark hair but gradually (and more rapidly lately), it is turning silver, I AM NOT a brunette and if you were to shave my head you see that I AM NOT a silverhaired goddess either. I wear a size 22 and yet prior to December last year I was in a size 26, I AM NOT a big girl… My glorious bottom is now 2 stone lighter that it was just a few short months ago and therefore I AM NOT weight, my BMI or my figure.

I have learned a great many things in my life but forgotten a great many more, so I AM NOT the sum of my knowledge. I teach spiritual truths but I humbly accept that I know little of the universe I AM NOT a master. I have students but should they opt to find another guide… I AM NOT a teacher.

I have a mother and yet should she be no longer… I AM NOT a daughter. I have siblings yet without them I would still be… I AM NOT a sister. I have met thousands of people and some have stayed and some have gone, they have all blessed my life, I AM NOT a friend. I have loved and been loved but I AM NOT a lover. I have lost and I have grieved but I AM NOT a mourner.

I have employed people but I AM NOT an employer, I have worked for people but I AM NOT and employee. I write here on this page but if I stopped blogging tomorrow I would continue to be… so I AM NOT a blogger or a writer. I have earned money and lost it and earned it again… I AM NOT my bank account…

So, if I am not my body, health, size or looks, I am not my relationships, career or job title, my gains or my losses, my knowledge or intellegence… if I am not where I live, who I know, the language I speak, my gender, my sexuality, my perferences, my fame or fortune… Who AM I?

Principle 1: I AM God.
I AM the observer who sits behind the facade of the everyday and laughs at all the titles you bestow upon me because who I AM is infinite and unexplainable and never again will I exsist in this format anywhere throughout time because God reinvents time and time again and the mould did not break with me, there was never a mould to begin with. I AM Unique and you will never be able to describe me… Do not try because you will fail… This does not make you a failure it makes you Human and I forgive you because you are God and you too were not cast from a mould…

Principle 3: I AM Human.

If I fail at being all of the job titles above, I forgive myself completely just because I AM God…

Put me in a box at your peril and try not to create your own.

My current role is that of the “human locksmith” and I hope I just turned your key…

Jo Jerodene x





About Jo Jereodene

Jo Jerodene is a spiritual mentor, an angelic channel, an intuitive vibrational healing practitioner, writer and speaker whose life purpose is to open minds and hearts towards their full potential. Founder and director of The Academy of Spiritual Knowledge, Jo previously ran The 7th Direction in Sheffield’s historical Castle Market where her knowledge of the mind, body & spirit and her guidance, was in much higher demand than the crystals and books she sold there. She closed the shop in 2009 to set up A.S.K. and hasn’t looked back. What’s my angle? Jo is a no-nonsense Yorkshire Lass with an uncanny way of telling it like it is. An inherent knack for combining spirituality with science for the layman has meant that she is able to easily and successfully, bring people along for the ride, making the connection for those who believe that spirituality is ‘a weekend retreat’ and turning it into a life-practice. Her easy, no bull-shit approach is both reassuring and engaging to both the beginners and the seasoned pros that can’t help but be captivated by her storytelling. How did I get here? What’s my story? Being tested for cancer almost nine years ago when her immune system almost gave up the ghost as a result of stress related illness, Jo was convinced that there was so much more to life than the daily grind. It took a further five years of re-education and self-reflection before she finally made the leap of faith into the unknown. Spiritual career and training Jo left a secure, well paid management position at one of the country's largest leisure providers to fulfil the job that spirit asked her to do. After qualifying as a counsellor and vibrational healing practitioner, she trained as teacher with The Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension. Having spent years previously, developing her understanding of spirituality and following a path that was led by angels and celestial inspirers, not to mention her own thirst for knowledge, she then turned her attention to paying it forward by developing understanding in others and helping them to unlock their own potential. Raising her own vibration to a level where Archangels and Ascended Masters can easily connect, she has been led to teach and develop the spiritual skills of countless others and to pass on the knowledge that Source has seen fit to bestow. Jo has worked directly with the Archangel Azrael from a very early age but only came to recognise his role and significance in her life during the course of her deliberate development over the past 16 or so years, in which time he has taught her to reframe change and every ending and embrace the lessons, blessings and new beginnings inherent in every one. Where have you seen me? Published in both Soul &Spirit Magazine and High Spirit Magazine, Jo has written about her experiences with the Archangels, her early struggle to find the path, taking the leap of faith and her commitment toward aiding others in taking back their personal power and finding/maintaining their inner peace using her ‘Wholly Grail’ Principles. Jo created 2012’s Fat Tuesday Event to promote self-esteem and hope among those suffering with weight and body image issues and was privileged to work alongside Anna-Louise Haigh: Author and creator of The Wholebeing Way; Mark Skipper aka ‘Skip the Naked Health Detective’: twice world gymnastics champion, author and inspirational speaker; the wonderful Alexandra Watson: Happiness & Success Coach; and last but by no means least The internationally renowned Stephen Russell aka The Barefoot Doctor: Author and Taoist Master among other things… You might have also caught Jo on MySpiritRadio.com in a joint interview with Barefoot for the delicious Robin Robinson’s show: Wellbeing for Women, early in 2012. Jo has performed mediumship & ‘colour reading’ demonstrations and angelic channelling throughout South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire and runs workshops and development programs in the area.

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