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Who is Responsible for the Functioning of the Universe?

David Almeida |

I had a friend years ago (before I moved away) who I believe is still a chaplain for a small hospice organization.  This Chaplin has a mystical perception of the universe, which made him unique among his peers.  We would often have discussions about metaphysics over lunch.  One day I was commenting on how I had heard that astral projection is frowned upon by those in charge.  The Chaplin turned to me and said “Who are these people?”  I said to him, “They are the people who run this place (meaning reality).”  He replied “Who are they though?”

My sense was that he was insinuating that there exists some secret order or mysterious network controlling the activities of humanity.  At the time, I didn’t have a good answer.  Since then, thoughts have come to me about this subject.

The simple answer is WE control this human experiment.  I mean as human spirits.  Spirits themselves are in charge of this whole operation.  There are billions of spirits on the other side.  I read somewhere that, at the turn of the 20th century, there were 64 billion human spirits on the other side.  So who knows how many there are now.  The point is there are enough spirits to manage every aspect of physical reality.

This includes the way plants grow, the weather, the path of meteors, and everything that takes place in this universe.  There are spirits who specialize in every kind of reality engineering, just as we have specialists in every area of the human endeavor.  These disembodied professionals maintain control over the very complicated and delicate aspects of the functioning of this universe, right down to the atoms, and vibrations.  My sense is that they are assisted by elemental and Earth spirits who do the dirty work.

I sense some sort of hierarchy of power within the spirit world.  I am fairly confident in stating that a spirit must attain a certain level of growth before being given access to higher knowledge and greater responsibility.  The level of experience a spirit has accumulated and the spirit’s overall maturity seems to correspond to the type of information the spirit is allowed to access.

The idea of a spiritual echelon has been proposed by many other authors throughout history.  I am merely concurring with this notion.  It seems as though spirits are given a greater role in carrying out the provisions of the Master plan as they accomplish their missions.  It may be similar in some ways to the mystical fraternal organizations like the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Orders.

I use to believe that when a person transitioned, he or she would be instantly enlightened and have complete knowledge of God, the nature of reality, and the meaning of life.  These are the subjects that interest mystics.  As a relatively new Spiritualist, I have learned that most spirits know far less than a living mystic, psychic, shaman, etc.  Usually family and friends will speak through mediums to confirm that they have survived death.  That’s about it.

They never seem to offer messages about what is going on around them in a detailed manner.  Perhaps it is difficult to explain such things through mediumship.  I’m sure there are cases where mediums have received some enlightening words, but barely enough to scratch the surface.

On another level there are entities like Seth, Abraham, Ramtha, Lazarus, Orin and Daben (and so on) who have provided us with incredible metaphysical knowledge.  Much of this information is beyond the understanding of the greater part of humanity.  This is only because channeling is not recognized by science as having merit.  In my case, Arthur Edward Waite is my source of higher knowledge.  Arthur is a human spirit possessing advanced knowledge.  However, his understanding of the mystery of life is limited.  You see humans are on the bottom of the pyramid in terms of being in the know.

Channeled entities, on the other hand, are higher intelligences.  They are not human spirits in the way that we think of them (keeping in mind that I have not read many of these books).  I have two theories concerning the identity of these beings.  These helpful intelligences may come from other dimensions, which are connected to our human experience and to the Universal Consciousness.

My second idea is that these entities are a conglomeration of spirits that have evolved into larger beings that speak as one voice through human channels.  That is why you hear channeled entities speak to us in the plural “we.”  Some of these entities may have explained the nature of their existence in their channel’s books.

I believe both of these theories could be true since some channeled entities have never been human.  There are many other dimensions and extra-dimensional entities that work alongside us and who have an interest in our spiritual evolution.  These channeled intelligences are our primary access to higher knowledge.  The other way is through astral projection, which I have read is not permitted, even though many people do it.

It may be that the Cosmic Administers believes it necessary to keep us in the dark in order for the great human experiment to take place.  Were we to know the truth, this production would come to an end.  Total global awareness may be the next phase in the Master Plan.

Your comments are very much encouraged and appreciated.

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