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Why Do We Expect Something Out Of Relationships?

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Why do we expect something out of relationships? Why do we tend to associate love with expectations, ideals, conditions, attachments and needs? An even better question is: What aspect of ourselves are we trying to protect and maintain through another?

It all comes down to our imaginary “separate self”, our ego trying to get something (ideal) for itself to compensate for a deep insecurity and lack.

Through self-observation, we will notice that behind conditions lies a belief, and behind the belief lies a fear of something, which is most likely a fear of revealing and activating the Pain Body (emotional baggage). One of my biggest realizations was that attaching myself to someone or something is the subconscious act of “investing” my pain body in something/someone else to protect and not have to deal with it.

When that person or scenario you are attached to leaves, you then blame the pain on what left for a while, until you realize that the sudden change simply threw your own pain body back at you so that you can face it, feel it and release it. Blessing in disguise.

It is more important to ask ourselves WHY we expect, want and need, instead of trying to apply the philosophy of “letting go of expectations, wants and needs” without LOOKING deeply within. This allows us to release, but most importantly ACKNOWLEDGE the unresolved fears/pain body within us, which is the first step to moving beyond them (It can seem scary but it is a beautiful freeing process).

Long story short; as we face our fears and release all inner-constrictions, a new and infinitely lighter dimension of consciousness aligns with our being, one in which Love is simply to be enjoyed with the knowing that it IS who we already are.

Imagine pure love without fear, without making it into “a big deal”. Imagine living life in a state of openness, without fearing future outcomes or referring to the past. Imagine living in the Now. This is our natural state ♥

by Elina St-Onge

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com/



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