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Why Do We Hate and Cast Judgement?

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Through my own personal journey in this lifetime I’ve been subject to hatred, ridicule, judgement and also had the privilege of experiencing it myself through casting these emotions and thoughts on things and people. I want to bring my observations of myself and others to light in order to give a better understanding of why this is a part of our experience here on Earth.

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.”
– Hermann Hesse

Hatred and judgement are two very common programs that play out through the ego mind. I want to stress that these are distinctly different than a simple observation. Many of us go about our daily lives judging things and saying we hate things but have you ever stopped to ask or think why? Why do we do this? It’s actually a very simple answer. We have attached emotional triggers to external energy in our lives.

When you hate something or judge something it is not that thing or person that you hate, what you hate is the attachment inside of you. A program is playing out and it can be quite uncomfortable. It has blinded you from seeing something for what it truly is from a neutral standpoint and in a state of being at peace with it.

For example, I’ve experienced and observed people who dislike someone who dresses “trashy” or “slutty” or people who act and do things completely different from the majority of what is considered “normal”. I’ve heard people say that it’s disgusting and disrespectful or weird and crazy. Why do these people feel the need to judge others and why do they hate?

I also see many people who judge the Illuminati and governments and call them “evil” for doing what they do but do we ever question why they do it or try to understand them and put ourselves in their shoes? We’re quick to jump the gun and cast hatred and judgement because it is easy to let ego take control rather than live through our hearts.

It’s all just an experience, what makes one experience better than the other?

This judgement and hatred can stir up a lot of low vibrational emotion inside of oneself. This reaction is a result of an attachment that we have made to that of which we dislike. The difference between this and observation is that we are not at peace with it. We only hurt ourselves when something bothers us.

The key is to learn to detach from hating something and rather simply observe it for what it is and then decide whether you like or dislike it without becoming emotionally wrapped up in it. Feeling the need to tell others about your like or dislike is another ego program that stems from insecurity. Judgement can be a very tricky program to observe. It can be very subtle and sneak up on us because we have gone about judging so many things and attaching to so much stuff throughout our lives.

A great exercise to try is if something presents in your life that you dislike, observe how it makes you feel physically and mentally. I’m sure most of us will say that it’s not the greatest feeling. As a result of this attachment we feel as though something is missing. Why? Because it has put a veil over our clarity and understanding of why we are experiencing this uncomfortable sensation.

A chain reaction of this is most often that we communicate our discomfort to others by hating and judging things because it gives us a sense of temporary satisfaction and false fulfillment. We hate and judge because we are hurting inside. It can be hard to admit this but its the truth. We put others down to gain a sense of superiority over another and making them think they are inferior to us. We need to feel special because we feel emptiness inside and have been disconnected from the love that we are. It’s all ego.

Ego likes to create the illusion of separation, division and segregation. When we become more aware of why we judge and hate, major change will take place first internally on an individual level and then externally as a collective. This hatred and judgment creates a low vibrational energy that is detrimental not only to ourselves and each other but also the planet.

The planet is a reflection of our thoughts and the way we view the world. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Is it possible for humanity to celebrate and honour one another as humans regardless of race, colour, creed, monetary wealth, occupation, clothing, status and class, physicality, etc? Absolutely!

This is happening because we are all carrying baggage and pain that does not need to be experienced anymore. Observation of these programs and seeing the root of the cause is extremely important. The next time you judge someone or something, feel it out, let the emotion and program play out and then observe why afterward, in a state of peace and clarity.

Ask yourself, why do I hate this person or thing? You may be surprised at what answer presents. We are all going through changes and becoming more aware of why certain things play out in our lives. It’s time to take back control of our experience. It’s time to let the power of our hearts drive us and no longer allow fear to cause suffering and pain.

We don’t have to experience this anymore. It’s just a matter of saying no to yourself and not wanting to play with these programs anymore. They are just simply stories inside of our heads. It’s not real. Only love is real. We are all one, all connected and as long as we keep hating and judging one another peace and unity amongst humanity will never take place.

We are evolving.

by Matthew Christodoulou

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com/



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