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Why Does The Ego Debate?

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There is no such thing as pure debating, exempt from the ego’s ascendancy. But there is always such a thing as a serving debate, when we are finally able to see past each “parties” ground rule, including our own.

A ground rule is what we know to be truth, but when we are clear in our heart, it should not define where we stand in a debate, it should not be communicated as another theology. The moment we choose to take the one-sided road that says: “Here’s the truth, and you’re delusional”, whether we do it in a very forward or subtle manner, and no matter how truthful our perception might be, when our words are fixed and limited to our own ground rule, they’re words created in the mind -it enforces walls of misunderstanding.

When we are centered in our core, it matters not if another individual’s ego is shining. It matters not if they are missing the point, for it is not about defending or proving your own.

When we fully awaken to Oneness, we understand that it is no theology or ground rule to step in. We understand that sharing our clarity and awareness is to remain judgment-free and unconditional in our Love, which naturally emanates through our words and creates a “unifying bridge” between both levels of consciousness. This unifying bridge does not stamp labels, it lifts them away. It does not point fingers at flaws, it dissolves the need to. The debates will intensify and remain strong in their field of polarity as long as we feed one’s ground rule.

To serve the soul in a most conducive way is to emanate through our words the higher essence of ourselves, which has the power to disempower violent opposition, the ego and its traps. To dissolve friction and create openings is to be egoless enough to step out of ground rules and BE the “unifying bridge” if needed -to fully embody our essence that acknowledges and honors where the other stands. And to truly be at peace is to be free of expectations if one chooses not to walk halfway the bridge.

It all starts with quieting our own mind and emanating the core essence of our wisdom through our words…

And our core essence is Love..





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