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Why Self love is the wings beneath all of our relationships

You are another me, we are all reflections of each other. The people who seem to trigger extreme emotion in you are usually showing you what needs to be healed.

We love the ones that are just like urelationshipss, that’s easy. To love and accept people who have opposite values and beliefs, people who damn well annoy us and hurt us, well that’s hard….

But do you know what, the more you concentrate on self-love, the more you meditate, heal and put yourself first – the easier it is to only see the light in others. To only see the beauty. It starts with loving you.

It’s not just a ‘nice thing’ this self-love business – it’s the best and first thing you can do to help humanity and our evolution.

Imagine you’re a glass of water. If you fill yourself up it may take a bit of time but once you know how to do it, you’re set to go. You can go out in the world and share that water without any fear of where more is coming from.

If you know you are only half full of love, you may still have the best intentions and go off into the world sharing and caring for a while – but there is a chance when you run out that you will look to others or the world with blame when it’s all gone. I mean you had an unwritten contract right? You share the love so other people are supposed to top you up right? Why are you left burnt out with an empty glass?

 self-loveThe other part of the glass analogy is that you have a partner who tops you up. Any kind of relationship that helps you to fill up.

Love is what we’re all looking for, we can’t deny it makes us feel ‘complete’ but if there is little self-love and your glass is being topped up only from that relationship…then it may be trouble, you’ve given another person not only the key to your happiness but the pressures on that relationship are pretty intense – and when we are younger we don’t understand why.

We think it’s a good thing that we feel empty when that person isn’t around – but it’s highlighting our lack of self-love and that you are reliant on another person for how much love you have to share in the world on a daily basis.

With this in mind, how important do you think it is that children and teenagers learn self-love and appreciation BEFORE they go off in to the world? It’s paramount that they learn the world is a reflectionself-love-healthy of how they feel inside – not look to the world and others to complete them in someway.

We’re born whole, complete, perfect, made of love and full of love – yet many of us go through adult life not just without self-love but actually with self-loathing, clinging to others to save us.

It all starts with self-love guys – and if you know this is something you need to work on then just know this will be the best thing you ever do – and the most beautiful relationship you’ll ever know.

Blessings, Sarah xxx

About The Author

I’m Sarah Cooper, my passions are in: Wellbeing, art, travel & emotional healing.

Through depression I experienced an ‘awakening’ that led me to explore spirituality, psychology and the metaphysical. I want to help other people through this painful process and eventuality open a retreat to bring people together on their healing journey.

I also create Gemstone ‘frequency’ jewellery for: The Law of Attraction, Chakra healing, Yoga, and Spiritual growth. Find out more here: www.lovebeyondthemoon.etsy.com I showcase new designs on my Facebook page first www.facebook.com/lovebeyondthemoon and also do regular Giveaways and promotions.

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