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Why you are amazing

You are still here. Through every up and down and twist and turn. You are still here. You continue moving when times are hard. You keep going on. Even when you’ve felt weak, alone and scared. You keep going on. When in a world full of billions of people you have felt separate and disconnected.

You continue to go on. Through the tears, the pain, the hurt, the long roads and the dark nights. You are here. Though tired, exhausted and close to breaking. There has been no storm you have not weathered. You have not been broken. You may have wounds, shallow and deep. But you heal.

These scars are your strengths. Your pillars of grace. These scars make you. They are your stories. Never forget that. Never forget how special you are.

There is nobody else out there quite like you. You are unique. You have a story unlike anyone else. There will never be another person that will tread the exact same footsteps you have. See the same sights, live the same life. You are the only one that can do it. You are the only one that can be you.

the-rules-for-being-amazingYou are special. One of a kind. You have something to offer. No matter how small. You have a piece of this great puzzle of life that nobody else can or will ever have.

By just being you, you are that missing piece. A piece that is needed. Equally as important as the next. That is how important you are. That is how special you are.

Someone, somewhere needs exactly what you can give. Someone needs your talents, your experiences, your wisdom. Someone out there needs your light.

Someone out there is going through things that you are an expert on. Someone needs you. To chase the shadows away. To make a difference. To change the world.

You change the world everyday just by getting up. By breathing the air. You make a difference. No matter how small, the world has been altered because of you.

You will have touched the lives of millions of people without even knowing. As you move through life, life moves around you.

You are connected to it and it to you. Think of how many people have crossed your path on your journey. Good or bad. You have made an impact. You have changed a life. Just by being you.

This makes you good enough. You always have been good enough. It is only other people who have not felt so that have led you to believe otherwise. You are perfect as you are. Good enough. Whole and complete. You would not be here if you were not meant to be. You are not a mistake. You do not need fixing. You have a purposelarge.

All you have to do is be you to fulfil it. You are the Divine expressing itself in form. Through you. The fact that you are alive means you are good enough.

You are alive. You live. You breathe. There is a whole world out there in which to play in. To love. To laugh. To sing.

To dance. So many places to go. So much beauty to see. You can have the world and you deserve it. Know that you deserve this.

Believe that you deserve this. Wish upon a star and make those dreams come true. Do not be afraid to shine your light.

The world needs it. The world needs you.


By Kyle Treslove

About The Author

Kyle is a working Medium, Singer/Songwriter and Writer from South East London. He provides evidence of life after death and unites people with their loved ones who have passed into the Spirit World.

Kyle has his fingers in many pies; he is finishing an album that he has written about his own healing journey from struggling with addictions, depression and darkness to moving into the light.

He is currently writing a book channelling spiritual philosophy on natural mediumship from the guides that he works with and has also written a series of children’s books with a spiritual edge – currently being illustrated and available next year.






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