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Write For Gathering of Minds 

Ourgom.com is the official Gathering of Minds website. We are dedicated to bring you the latest news on health and well-being, spirituality, natural healing stories and more.
We are currently looking for writers to submit content to the site. Please read the guidelines below.

Writer Guidelines

Original Content:  All content must be original and not posted anywhere else on the internet.

What We Are Looking For:  News stories, health, personal development, exercise and food related content, science & technology, anything else that is great to develop the mind, body and soul. Articles that are exciting and get important messages across. We tend to avoid blogs and personal anecdotes (unless its about your journey naturally healing a disease) as well as content that doesn’t fit into what we are doing.

Articles must not be a blatant advert for an event, product or service and must be vegan. Recipes must also be vegan.

Word count: Ideal articles are around 800 words. Articles with videos or images are great too.

Tone: Positive. Keep the articles positive! Think problem with a solution. Tips are also great.


Editing: We check content and then final touches are put on the article for titling, imaging and look on the website.


Author info: We will add full author credit and information about you. We will add any links you wish, linking to your website and social media pages.

Once your posts go live, please share with your friends: Via Facebook, Twitter, your website, email, or any other social media platform. Posts are seen most when they are shared across multiple forms of social media. If posts do well we will feature the article further

How to Submit

Please submit some links to previously written content and a bit about yourself as a writer to info@ourgom.com



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