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The Year of the Goat – 2015 The Chinese Zodiac

2015 The Chinese Zodiac – Chinese animal signs

Chinese New Year kicked in Thursday, February 19, 2015. It marked the start of the Year of the Yin Wood Goat in the Chinese zodiac.

The Goat is one of 12 animals in the ‘Chinese Zodiac’, (Shēngxiào, or 生肖), which is based on a 12-year cycle. The Goat is the 8th animal in the Chinese zodiac. The 12 zodiac animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

According to Chinese astrology, each year (starting from Chinese New Year) is associated with an animal sign, occurring in a 12-year cycle. For example 2015 is a year of the Goat.

  • Year of Birth: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Each animal zodiac has its own lucky numbers, days, colours, flowers and a direction. Here are the Goat’s:

For this year;

  • Lucky Colours are brown, red n purple
  • Lucky Numbers are 2 n 7 or multiples of these…
  • Lucky Flowers are red/white Carnations n Primrose
  • Lucky direction is North
  • Lucky months are August n November

And unlucky for Goat people.

  • Unlucky colours: Green, Blue, and Black. Goat people should avoid wearing these.
  • Unlucky numbers: 6 and 8 or multiples of..
  • Unlucky direction: southwest
  • Difficult lunar Months: third (April), sixth (July), be prudent if you have some important business at these thymes or want to plan an event.

The Year of the Goat

Comes after the Year of the Horse and before the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese calendar. During Spring Festival, people will display symbols of the Goat, and have the “happiness” sign, in their homes. The Goat is a Yin energy sign of Peace, Harmonious (herd) co-existence and Tranquility and will be the fundamental even strategic attitude this year.

Goat personalities

People born in the Year of the Goat are thought to be loyal, good natured and kind. often introverts who can easily be overtaken by emotion.

Goat people are elegant, charming, artistic, gifted and fond of nature. People born under this sign are also the most creative, very delicate, their good manners and charms always bring many admirers and friends.

Goats can feel insecure, dreamers, sometimes, hesitant and over-anxious worriers, they need to feel loved and protected. Thus they are easily drawn into complex predicaments, mais usually avoid confrontation n may procrastinate from making decisions.

Also, they may be obsessed with their appearance, This can affect their self confidence, always looking their best even to go out the door to bring in the newspaper or milk.


Those born in the Year of the Goat tend to be adaptable and highly motivated and committed to their work, they are most compatible with the Pig and the Dragon, but least compatible with the Rooster and the Tiger.

Famous people born in a Year of the Sheep include:

  • Michelangelo (architect, sculptor, painter)
  • Mark Twain (author)
  • Thomas Edison (inventor)
  • Julia Roberts (actor)

Zodiac animal and human connections

According to Chinese philosophy , your birth year tells you more than just your age. It is believed that there is a special relationship between people and the animals in the Chinese zodiac. This belief, which can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE), is based on the idea that our psychological profile is affected by the animal their birth year is associated with.

Also, some relationships are considered more compatible than others depending on our birth chart dynamics (tis akin to what is known as ‘western Astrological’ aspects which is based on a 12 monthly cycle beginning with Aries) curiously the Chinese zodiac animals are not associated with any Stella constellations.

To make it interesting, the philosophy reflects the 5 elements by applying them to the birth of a baby which will refine their personalities, these elemental personalty influences are described thus ;

  • Wood
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Metal

As the year 2015 is the Year of the Wood goat, it is believed that those born during the year of this sign are going to have a good year, with plenty of luck and opportunities ahead.

Goat people in 2015

Those of you who were born in 1955 will be 60 years old in 2015, therefore, pay more attention to health, and have a physical examination… Common sense eh…

those of you who were born in 1967 and 1979 will be in conflict with your zodiac year of birth, therefore, may be inclined to worry or anxiety and feel rather repressed. They should get out n about often to relieve boredom , they do need lots of mental stimulation.

those who were born in 1991 may have changes in their feelings. Ladies are very likely to get married and have babies, or they may end a relationship.

They may all be prone to injuries in 2015 due to conflicts with their zodiac year of birth, it’ll be healthy for you to donate blood.

In general, people born in the Year of the Goat are inclined to have changes in their jobs, feelings and marriage, and need to be careful of physical injuries as well as psychological/emotional dilemmas in 2015. However, you can offset this being constructive, industrious and positively occupied to avoid any negative challenges.

Love and relationships

The key for goat people in love is; freedom to explore their feelings safely… Goat people are very romantic sensitive, sweet and charming. In a relationship, they can be a little bit bossy, but with their gentle and caring nature, it will be hard to resist them.

Married Goats will get along well with their spouses and will be able to develop their relationships through healthy debates.

Single Goats may find their lifelong love under the guidance of a trusted mentor, encouraged to express themselves freely.

Useful Tips:

As far as the azimuth bearing is concerned, avoid traveling in a southwesterly direction as it counteracts their zodiac year of birth.

Avoid wearing green, blue, and black clothes as these colours counteract their zodiac year of birth and may bring bad luck.

Also avoid wearing wooden ornaments.

Avoid eating spicy and oily food, much healthier to eat green foodstuffs and light meals in order to keep a calm mind and enjoy good health.

For good luck carry embroidered purses.


Goat people tend to be gentle mild-mannered, shy, stable, sympathetic, amicable, strongly kindhearted and fair.

They can be delicate, creative, and determined, and project themselves in a professional manner. Although they may seem gentle, they have a well of inner strength and are good in a crisis (paramedics), though they can be rather self opinionated, having strong inner resilience and excellent defensive horns/instincts.

Often preferring to be in groups, melding in rather than the center of attention, reserved and quiet, enjoy thinking n ponderin and musing on life’s wonders. Adept at retail therapy, very fashionable, giving themselves an exquisitely refined appearance and yet very down to earth… realists…


They tend to have fewer health problems due to their calm demeanour. Although they can be prone to headaches from stress or lack of sleep and tense muscles.

Mental and emotional balance is important for a positive effect on their physical health. Eating fresh and organic produce, and eliminating red meat from their diet when possible, is an effective way to keep healthy. For exercise, get out among nature, hug trees, scream in fields of gold and commune with the great outdoors in order to boost the body’s immune system . Have a regular schedule for meals and keep sleep and waking times consistent.

Being prudent by preparing some health supplements/vitamins before traveling very far, to aide seasonal adjustments.

The Bestest Jobs

Often preferring to work humbly in a team, they excel with Horses, they don’t volunteer for anything nor take the lead. Career choices are pediatrician, actor, daycare teacher, interior designer, florist, hair stylist, musician, editor, illustrator, art/history teacher. They like to study the esoteric to know more about the unknown and enjoy reading/learning about Angels, Clairvoyance, Tarot and developing their free flowing Spirituality. You may find them working as astrologers, fortune-tellers and life coaches/guides.

Tending to find favour from wealthy/influential mentors, usually able to avoid adverse situations. Be ready for opportunities for promotion, cooperation, and investment this year. However, deal with problems concerning ‘partners’/colleagues properly to avoid miss understandings. 

Be prudent this year Mr goat n Ms goat tew..

There will be a tendency become involved in financial difficulties, most likely from the influence of others who gain the trust of their kind goat ‘friend’ but there is a mistral of treachery swirling around some of the herd like the wolf in sheep’s clothing.’all that glitters is not gold’. Make sure you test the integrity and real intentions of anyone who wants your attention this year, adopt curious/probing strategies when dealing with investments/new business projects especially when ego driven, easily swayed by a sheep dog or a boss goat, ask questions and read contracts three thymes n have it checked legally. Decide on a budget and stick to it, finding ways to increase your income, and reducing expenditure, and living within your means will improve your confidence. Avoid get rich quick schemes and one armed bandits…

Bein a friend

Goats are very private people, thus it may take time effort to get to know them and for them to trust you. Goats seldom share their personal lives and have few close friends, their friendship is protective, peaceful and fulfilling and will work hard for their loved ones,

On the family front, tis a time to consolidate n rekindle loyalty by setting some fair boundaries, then tempers will subside and family harmony resume. So capture the moment to heal/mend fences and eat some humble pies.

Le Chinese zodiac

Each of the 12 years in the Chinese zodiac cycle is represented by an animal associated with five elemental signs. The animals are:

  • Zi(rat)
  • Chou(ox)
  • Yin(tiger)
  • Mao(rabbit)
  • Chen(dragon)
  • Si(snake)
  • Wu(horse)
  • Wei(sheep)
  • Shen(monkey)
  • You(rooster)
  • Xu(dog)
  • Hai(boar/pig)

The zodiac traditionally starts with the Year of the Rat and cycles continuously. These animal signs are calculated in accordance with the Chinese Calendar, which is lunisolar and predates the Gregorian calendar. The Chinese calendar is based on exact astronomical observances of the sun’s longitude and the moon’s phases.

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