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Yogi Magic! Yoga for Manifestation.

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Yoga is energy work, it’s deep and yet gentle. Healing and committing to support you through any transformation. Anchoring you into your body with movement and breath. Yogic practice helps clear waste energy, and open up the body’s consciousness to receive more good energy. Good energy is the food we eat, waste energy is the wrapper. Spiritual practices help you take out the trash and yoga is the best as it involves the body.

Spiritual work does not stick or create tangible changes as quickly as we can do it when involving our physical bodies. Physical body is the I AM. The root chakra.

What is physical, is most believed. This is because our most cognitive senses can perceive the change. This allows a sense of confidence. Confidence is gained automatically in the reality of something, more so when we can see, touch, taste, hear, feel and receive with our physically attuned senses. So, remember to include physicality into your spiritual practice as it may be considered the most important part of your progress. Law of manifestation, positive changes, intentions for creating good luck and prosperity.

All of these non physical ideas and metaphysical visions for building a better life for your future, require a base, a home, a space to enter and BECOME, to grow there with time and feeding, nurture and water. Inside of your body, warm and comfortable as of course a healthy and nourished body will produce with much more liveliness into your projects. Inside your womb, your sacral chakra which we all have, serving as a womb, fueling with passion… our heartfelt will.

All of your ideas/ideals need grounding as the final touch. Without anchoring and using the physical vessel, the ideas get lost in the ether, they do not have a vessel to harness them as metaphysical energies. All the magic and miracles in the world need a vessel, a vehicle to shine through and the cells of your body are required to be aligned with their vibrations.

Working with your lower two chakras, the sacral and root will stimulate your physical adaptation to your wanted physical reality, the circumstances, material experiences and soul’s nourishment of earth and her abundant offerings for our spiritual growth. The best part of spirituality on earth, as a human with a body is to experience our love, pleasure, joy and expansion THROUGH this body.

Adjusting and shifting your cellular structures require movement with awareness, observation and meditation. Meditative and free movement can be good for releasing with arts such as freestyle dance, ecstatic dance, 5 rhythms dance, improvisation. Yoga is best for anchoring, allowing to receive, creating new structure, realignment and most significantly, touching base, creating concrete stability, building foundation for integrating new energies.

As you routinely exercise your body, with positive intention and focus, with special attention on opening and creating flexibility in the areas of the lower abdomen and down through the hips, pelvis and legs with all supporting limbs and joints, and if you consciously pay attention to the daily activities on your life, people you attract, events you notice, opportunities which may present themselves, you will start to see perhaps what we can call a ‘pattern’ of change towards your directed intention.

Your sacral chakra and root chakra are the most significant energy centers to continuously and consciously create flow and space within. Why? Because these are the two most relating to your physical reality and if we want to create tangible results in our lives of evident circumstantial improvements then we need these two portals to remain cleansed and constantly refilled with the nurturing waters of our loving intentions, practiced with physical/biological action and movement meditation which includes the body/vehicle which is the physical expression of all of your spiritual energetic composition.

Your body is the face of your soul, the outfit. Your body is made of similar atoms to the earth’s and if you want atoms around you to align with what your body and soul feel good to be near, then your body must be involved in the dance towards your ideal environments and physical surroundings. Your body must be aligned with the physical reality you want, and will get there through physical adjusting.

Yoga is rewiring for the body, like meditative focus is rewiring for the mind. “Law of attraction” is a principle which can be called many titles, what is significant is to align your mind with the authentic nature of the process. The process requires physical alignment of the body, not just the mind. Yoga is physical meditative adjustment. When performed correctly, it can be used as a powerful transformative tool for health and inner well being, as well as manifestation.

Yoga helps to alter your physical reality and it’s the best ritual I would say for recreating your physical world. Establishing new ideas into solid form. Do yoga regularly whilst focusing on your goals and intentions, what you want to come to you in life, and you will notice how much faster your loves  manifest.

Written by Divinityinlove 

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